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  1. Well just got back from my local guitar shop and played the heck outta every SG faded special and SG standards they had. I have now come across a quandry. Get the faded special ( which I love ) OR Pull the trigger, spend a little more dough and get the SG Standard (which I love ) AAAGGGHHHHH!!!!! I don't know what to do. I think I have truly caught Gibsonitus......
  2. That factory tour brings tears to my eyes[crying] just so beatiful....:-
  3. Was it the faded red color? It looked faded brown in the photos, my bad!:-
  4. HAHAHAHA!!!!! That last part is great!:-
  5. Thanks guys! My keyboard shorted out on me after all the drooling!:-
  6. I had that problem with my Strat also. I had to replace the Pot. Works great now, tech told me sometimes some pots have dead spots appearently.
  7. Would Brite wires work? I need to know what works best for an SG too.
  8. God I love that worn brown. Looks legit to me.
  9. Thanks guys for the kind welcome. Just about a week and a half more till I bring her home.
  10. Now thats one for the record books, a man not noticing a women let alone a blow up doll...HEHEHEHEH
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