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  1. brought it back to where i bought it and they fixed it for me free of charge
  2. its only on one string tho how could it be bad frets? wouldnt it make the noise on all of the strings if the frets were bad?
  3. just got my gibson sg standard and am hearing a buzzing noise on the D string that makes all of my notes sound sitarish. got the guitar with high action and it was making that noise. i set up the guitar with low action and it is still making that noise. only within a 9 fret range right in the middle of the fretboard and only on the D string. any help?
  4. Gibson has a 50 anniversary SG with humbuckers and 24 frets i believe but Epiphone doesn't. the Epi 50 is with the p-90s
  5. i actually need a new nut for my dot but i always mess em up. wish i could get one that doesnt need any tweaking just perfectly shaped
  6. i have an epiphone dot that has seymour duncans and all new electronics and it sounds great. ive also changed out pickups and electronics in a sheraton II before and i can tell you it was so frustrating i was ready to smash it.
  7. cool thanks i was confused as to what the EE meant
  8. just picked this baby up B) . sorry but out of town and only have phone camera. ive never seen this type of serial # maybe someone can explain it to me but its EE080107913
  9. i would go with wilkinson. they make high quality stuff for the price of lower quality stuff. ive used a lot of their tuners and other hardware and can vouch that they work very well.
  10. i like the epi acoustic headstocks but i hate the epi electric headstocks
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