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  1. Unless it just recently changed, the SG standards are not pleked.
  2. I am not a cleveland or miami fan am looking at this objectively with no axe to grind either way. I don't blame him for leaving for more money and nicer climate and all but it sure seemed crappy the way he went about it. I can really understand how the fans in cleveland would feel bummed out about the deal. Like it or not, it is done so now I guess The true test will be can miami make the new supertrio mesh together? They may pull it off but if I was laying down odds, I'd be betting there will be problems. Main problem being major tension between Wade and James mid season after the new wears off and they all settle in to their respective games ie. both will want to be the superstar. If the two of them can work that out, I'd say miami will be in a great position to go for rings next year.
  3. jbarker, that is a killer mancave you have there. Looks like you could pretty much do anything you need music wise in there. Oh and +1 bonus point for having a dog in the mancave! Our boxer loves music too so he hangs out in our music/game room all the time when we are playing music in there.
  4. cant say I have one goto guitar. I like my american standard strat and SG classic equally. Both have great actions and play really easy.
  5. I got a 15% off coupon from a big online outfit but sadly no money for new gear these days thanks to the crappy economy. Re gas tanks in fords: As others mentioned, that gas tank issue wasn't just a pinto deal but a ford design deal. I feel for the folks that were impacted by it but do think it was a bit overblown. I know for the old mustangs, they sell a simple kit (just a plate that mounts behind the seat) that prevents the burning fuel from getting into the passenger cabin. Only about a 1 hour install and I think it was maybe $50. Even with that design flaw, hard to argue ford didn't have some major winners with their old designs. Course I might be a bit biased
  6. no pedalboard per se, just a bad monkey, keeley compressor and boss eq in one of those cheap blow molded boss 3 pedal cases. Course with a good tube amp, too many pedals can sometimes just muddy up the water so to speak.
  7. little too wide for my taste but cool looking. Maybe trimming it down a bit would make it look cool and still keep the same feel. Wide straps are hard to carry around when transporting. I like 2-2 1/2" ones that I can just roll up and put in the case pocket.
  8. I love the environment as much as the next guy so don't mind some controls if it will help protect streams, creeks, etc... however... maybe the rulemakers should spend just a little more time checking out what is going on IN THE GULF!!! knock, knock, anyone home?
  9. thanks for sharing that one. Very cool to see them together after all these years. ROCK ON RINGO and Sir PAUL!
  10. Dleth, that is a very nice mancave you got there! Course you broke the 1st rule of mancaves by letting a girl in there. Course if she plays guitar, then its ok to make an exception I enjoyed looking at everyone's music rooms. I don't have a pic of mine but it is a shared music room/game room so not as cool as some of the mancaves posted.
  11. sorry to hear about that. I hate dog owners that pull that crap. I am a serious dog lover and would never want to hurt a dog but if one was going after my dog, I'd be drop kicking that dog into yesterday. Course my dog is a 70 pound boxer so he wouldn't exactly curl into a ball and wimper either. I wish the courts would hold pet owners more responsible for the actions of their dogs.
  12. oldrockfan


    I am not trying to defend Gibson here (well maybe a little) but I have to say folks are forgetting that the plain 339 was offered as a lower cost option for semi-hollow lovers that want american made without paying the $2.5-3k price of a 335dot. The reality is that american labor rates are sky high. Semi-hollow bodied guitars take alot of labor hours to build. So to keep cost down, some cost cutting measures were necessary. The ES-339 uses lower grade woods and less hand finish work in the assembly process. I've tried out several of them at stores and the ones I tried all played nice so mostly just cosmetic issues as others have pointed out. It is one of the reasons i always recommend either playing a guitar in person so you can fully check it out before you buy or buy from one of the many online vendors that offer a no questions asked money back guarantee. Guitars are made out of wood which is unique stuff and require alot of hand work and no two humans work the exact same so no two guitars will be exactly alike when woods and people are involved. So for those that are on the fence about the ES-339, I'd merely say love or hate them for what they are... budget minded american made semi-hollow bodied guitars that is about a thousand less than a ES-335dot. Oh and remember for those that have some wood working skills and patience, they can always do a little finish work themselves to improve the finish on the necks. Some specialized tools will be needed but they can be ordered online... I use stewmac but there are many others out there.
  13. I did a tour there and didn't see any LP customs being made but it was years ago so alot could have changed. If you ever get a chance to go check it out, I highly recommend it. Very cool stuff.
  14. when people complain that gibsons are all too expensive, I always mention the SG special faded. It is a great sounding and playing guitar and although it isn't cheap, it is affordable for a quality guitar that is still made proudly in the USA[thumbup]
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