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  1. Also I never knew there were cheap Gibson Les Paul guitars : )
  2. Or should I say Chloe's response is bad.
  3. Tradetang.com Chinese fake Gibson's have this guitar on their website just found a bunch of them. The ebay add is worded pretty bad,just like the Tradetang adds.
  4. Even though I need the money,I wanted a Les Paul Custom since I was in High School which was about 36 years ago,so waiting to get one when I had the opportunity was a long work in progress. I would have kicked myself if I let this one go. I already sold my Les Paul AAA Standard and my motorcycle and I could just not part with this after days of pondering and after getting on this forum I have seen the passion everyone has about their instruments,and I share the same passion also and everyone is very supportive and made me reconsider selling my Paul. I was being offered between $1400.00 and $2000.00 and it just did not seem right for me to sell it. Also thank god we got the umemployment extended and my benefits left to be paid are between $1800.00 TO $2000.00 so it just worked out !!!!
  5. I decided I AM NOT SELLING MY LES PAUL CUSTOM !!!!!!! Now I feel better : )
  6. It sucks !!!! I wanted my son to have it when he gets older. Now he will just get a Fender American Strat and a Tokai SG : ).I have had to dump 5 or 6 guitars over the past year to stay ahead.
  7. I looked at Ebay and the prices jump around alot.And the guitars are only about 2 to 3 years old and people are dumping them to make money so I don't think these would be fair prices and it undercuts the true value of the guitar. Finding a 10 year old Custom is hard and I would think it being 10 years old would increase value rather then devalue it. I have seen one going for about $3,300.00 thru Guitar Center website. I am one of the unfortunates who have been out of work for 2 years,unemployment has run out and sadly I have to sell my one item I vowed to never get rid of under any circumstance. This is killing me to part with this guitar,I wanted one all my life,now I have to part with it.I just want to see about getting a fair price for it and not getting ripped off by someone taking advantage of my situation.
  8. Anyone have an estimate on the value of a 2000 Les Paul Custom.Clean in excellent condition.Made right before they went to custom shop orders only ??? Thanks
  9. This is perfect !!!! Thanks so much. Now I can go explain it to Guitar Center.
  10. robert56

    Good fake

    I like the painted on pearl inlay on the headstock.
  11. Awesome and thanks !!!! What year and model is your guitar and do you know of any explaination why the binding was done that way ??
  12. Will do a whole pic. Does anyone have a picture of their binding that looks like mine.
  13. I have been waiting on a responce back from Gibson to see why the binding is the way it is. I find it amazing or I really don't that a Gibson dealer after verifying the serial #and features of the guitar would still question the validity of the instrument.
  14. Is it a 2000 Standard ? I wonder if the binding was done that way for that year. I took it to a Guitar Center store to possibly sell and they basically thru me out of the store,saying were not in the market to buy a guitar like that !!! I think they thought it was a fake and I was trying pawn it off on them. I went to another store and they were fine about it but they are looking into why the binding is like that,they thought it was a Norlin design but of course due to the year it is not,I wonder why the binding is like that and some and not on others.
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