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  1. Case in point. Danny blows em away with the first solo. Then Vince and Albert, both incredible guitarists, have their fun. Danny then steps on the gas on the last solo just to show who's the boss. The reaction of the other two guys is great. www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6FIvSy5W5I
  2. Beautiful JG2. I love those. I like the pg better on this one vs the chicklet guard on you old Western Classic
  3. Though your idea is only seen where binding would be, Gibson had the idea for layering a couple of years ago. I never played one but my guess is that it didn't hurt the sound any. http://images.gibson.com/Files/44caa865-b5c8-4c89-9517-0eda0bc4a860.jpg
  4. I like your experimentation, Rabs but I'm conflicted with this one. What you have here is plywood. I have a 339, so I'm not against it in principle. Yours is very thick with many glue layers and I don't know what it will do to the sound and resonance.
  5. This is the most enjoyable thread I've followed in a long time! Thanks guys, I've laughed out loud a bunch of times.
  6. Have you divested of your Gibsons yet for those Guilds you were lauding?
  7. This guy has been building them like that for a long time. I find them hideous to look at. Defies all sense of style and proportion but, as we know, it ain't all about looks. http://www.traugottguitars.com/guitars_fan_fret.html
  8. This is exactly how I felt when I played, and ultimately bought my Custom.
  9. I liked them all Anne. But, if I had to number them: 1) Gravity, 2)This One's For Me Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  10. Yup, walnut makes for a nice tonewood and some of it is really beautiful too.
  11. Not sure where you buy lumber around Bozeman but in the northeast walnut is comparably priced to curly maple and has been for many years. If the end result is good then where is the shame? If they sound lousy, people won't buy them.
  12. Or, chronic gastric distress
  13. Hi Dave, I tried the Martin SP Lifetime PB 12's. They were unbelievably brassy initially, almost took them off. Once they settled down, they sounded good and the tone lasted. I've got Curt Mangam PB 12's on now and they are by far the best sounding strings I've had on my J45 Custom. Just because I like them doesn't mean you will. I've tried at least 6 types of strings but I think I'll be using these for some time to come. Good luck with your search.
  14. Great job BK! Really liked your interpretation and the Hey Joe allusion was an interesting addition.
  15. He was a wonderful musician and performer. He penned "City of New Orleans".
  16. I'm using Curt Mangam PB 12's and they are the best sounding strings I've used on this guitar. Not brash when new and the have held tone and sustain for 3 weeks so far... I've tried several brands and these are far and away my favorites. I did just have the guitar setup and removed the Baggs Element. Not sure if this contributed to the sound but the results are great.
  17. 12's. Just put Curt Mangam PB's on my J45. Great sound and no zing. Get the guitar setup by a good tech and you'll never wrestle with it, regardless of gauge.
  18. 57classic


    Great trade! I would have done that in a heartbeat.
  19. Great job bbg. I like the milk carton kids.
  20. I've had mine for almost 2 years. I still think it is a rich, resonant and articulate guitar. It has all the qualities I was looking for in a J45 but with more punch. I chose this model over a few different TV's, which were beautiful. Mine has ebony in the fretboard and bridge which might give it a bit more focus. It sounds right to my ears. I also have an Eastman E6OM which is Sitka/Mahogany.
  21. Sorry, I was talking about the OP. Didn't see the second.
  22. In 1968, when this video was shot, he would have been 16 yrs old. According to his bio, he was asked to join the Stones in 1982. The Stones tour that ended in 2007 marked his 25th anniversary with the band.
  23. I believe that was Nicky Hopkins, not Chuck Leavell Great clip. I'd never seen it before. Fascinating evolution of a song which might not have turned out great. Glad they kept working on it. Interesting how Keith worked out parts on bass while Bill Wyman sat and watched.
  24. These are great Buc. Hearing the songs unvarnished and with the uke makes me think it's the way McCartney might have crafted them. And, if PM can't resist the compulsion to take his drawers off, hopefully he won't turn his camera on. :unsure:
  25. Beautiful guitar. I'm also in the Boston area where this one is listed on Craig's List. There was one listed here for a few years, literally. Don't know if this is the same one. One question though. The seller claims that because this is a 12 fretter, the body length is longer than standard. I thought the bridge was moved lower on the lower bout, hence more pronounced bass. Are his claims true?
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