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  1. 99% agree. If you can afford bells and whistles you also will want to look at your purchase as an investment opportunity.
  2. This is true. Always take the initiative to get yourself noticed.
  3. CleanTab Rolls Out Version 2 in HTML 5 Today, I rolled out a completely brand spanking new version of CleanTab. There are changes that effect every part of the site and there are some new parts all together.Guitar Tab Our layout has changed substantially. CleanTab is far easier to navigate and simply a joy to browse. CleanTab’s song archive is far more comprehensive, and now boasts over 320,000 tablatures! There are new organization features to make searching easier, and I have added a vast library of bass tablatures. I have also integrated some other really cool features into the site like; recommendations, Facebook syncing, a forum, new sorting algorithms, improved search, tags & genres, and music videos! Youtube music videoI started CleanTab as a hobby project. It quickly grew and became a full fledged guitar archive. One of the reasons for this update is that, shortly after I made CleanTab, I realized that by archiving and displaying guitar tabs I was stealing from the artists that created the music. To remedy this, CleanTab now joins the ranks as a guitar tab search engine. The cool part is we will still display tabs using our patent pending tab formatting engine. But, these tabs are not stored on our servers. We provide a link to the sites that host them and encourage our users to visit them. Also, when available, CleanTab displays advertisements for the original albums, mp3s, and tablature books of songs our search engine has indexed. We will offer these services through two trusted retail outlets Amazon.com and iTunes. For the next several days, perhaps weeks, you will notice small changes here and there while I finalize all of the changes. I would encourage everyone to visit our form and post there. Being a new site, it is quite bare and could use some love. All the help I can get will be appreciated. Also, please support the artists that you love and listen to. Buy their music! Thanks for visiting!
  4. "There is no such thing as a sellout. Only starving artists and artists' that eat!"
  5. I don't get this game...how does it work?
  6. I typed a few things in there. Seems a bit redundant these days that everyone already has facebook or myspace or linkedin profiles.
  7. Possibly the rain song by led zeppelin. But, that is a tough choice.
  8. I think for every one of those kids that is a genuine child prodigy there are 10 that are over exerted and pushed too hard by their parents.
  9. I am excited for it. I didn't get the chance to see it when it was originally in theaters. I tried a few times but the lines were so long I gave up. I am glad they are doing it in 3D Imax for those that missed it the first time.
  10. I like all the new changes! Congrats on the good work guys!
  11. The wood grain looks gorgeous! Enjoy.
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