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  1. Hello. No, it doesn't belong here. Tempting, but it would be ugly to abuse the forums with such a guerilla-marketing. Anyone who is interested can google them. It is indeed lots of work. It took a year to write my debut novel and it's not even a long one. That includes editing as well. I have read it through more than a hundred times. Only after publishing I realized the bulk of the work is still ahead: marketing. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚ Bence
  2. Just edit the original post to include my books and the problem is solved in a neat way. πŸ™„ πŸ˜„ (OK, that was a cheap attempt). Bence.
  3. Thank You 'Scales for the kind words. Unfortunately, I can't take the credits for that beautiful picture. Bence.
  4. Hello. Unfortunately, that is not me. Bence TΓ³th is rare name combination, but still there are some of us in Hungary. There is a soccer player under this name, and me as an author. πŸ™‚ Bence.
  5. Happy NGD! Hot looking guitar! Bence.
  6. Probably, nicest town I have ever visited. Nyitra - old Hungarian town, now part of Slovakia. It's beautiful. I could imagine myself living in downtown of Nyitra. Bence.
  7. "Sashalom" -XVIth district of Budapest. I call the eastern border of Budapest my home. It has a village-like vibe, as it was a village before WWII. That's where I was born. If I ever become lucky, I'd buy a house there. Right now, I live on the edge of the inner city of Budapest, right next to an underground station, in a rented blockhouse flat. It is very practical, but nothing like home. Bence.
  8. I love them! However, this isn't the kind of song I expected from them. It's too heavy and lacks those fine nuances that makes them recognizable. I am looking forward what else the new album got to offer. Bence.
  9. Funny stuff with some good tones here and there. Bence.
  10. Me, Sgt? I write sci-fi dystopia and horror. Bence.
  11. Thanks Scales for informing about the issue. It's very annoying, and I have no clue why is it. US and European readers did not report such thing, so perhaps it has something to do with the Australian distribution. 😞 Cheers... Bence.
  12. Failed attempts at marketing. Being a novelist, actually the easiest part is writing a novel. Selling it is the bulk of the work. I have been wasting 4 hours a day on social media for the last two months. It's completely pointless. πŸ˜„ Bence.
  13. Not bad, but not very different from a Les Paul. Bence.
  14. Vox Wah - EP Booster - Zoom MS-50G (Bottom booster - Plexi simulation - Slap-back delay - Chorus) all into the line input of an old Crate GX-80 amp. Bence.
  15. Guitars that grew beyond their purpose... Bence.
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