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  1. Hello. Looks to me like a sanding irregularity. My Goldtop looks like this too. I suspect, the builder tried to sand the escaping glue away after neck installation and gouged the top. Bence.
  2. btoth76


    Hello Rabs. There is no car something wrong couldn't be said about. "Cheap plastic" should be the biggest issue ever! Enjoy Your new car! πŸ™‚ Bence.
  3. btoth76


    Congratulations! I am about to purchase a car too. I am considering it's (continental) European version, the Opel Astra. Nice cars! Perhaps, I will settle for it's little brother, the Corsa. Bence.
  4. First, I clean the fretboard with a lightly dampened rag, then I use linseed oil. Bence.
  5. Hello. No, it doesn't belong here. Tempting, but it would be ugly to abuse the forums with such a guerilla-marketing. Anyone who is interested can google them. It is indeed lots of work. It took a year to write my debut novel and it's not even a long one. That includes editing as well. I have read it through more than a hundred times. Only after publishing I realized the bulk of the work is still ahead: marketing. Have a nice day! πŸ™‚ Bence
  6. Just edit the original post to include my books and the problem is solved in a neat way. πŸ™„ πŸ˜„ (OK, that was a cheap attempt). Bence.
  7. Thank You 'Scales for the kind words. Unfortunately, I can't take the credits for that beautiful picture. Bence.
  8. Hello. Unfortunately, that is not me. Bence TΓ³th is rare name combination, but still there are some of us in Hungary. There is a soccer player under this name, and me as an author. πŸ™‚ Bence.
  9. Happy NGD! Hot looking guitar! Bence.
  10. Probably, nicest town I have ever visited. Nyitra - old Hungarian town, now part of Slovakia. It's beautiful. I could imagine myself living in downtown of Nyitra. Bence.
  11. "Sashalom" -XVIth district of Budapest. I call the eastern border of Budapest my home. It has a village-like vibe, as it was a village before WWII. That's where I was born. If I ever become lucky, I'd buy a house there. Right now, I live on the edge of the inner city of Budapest, right next to an underground station, in a rented blockhouse flat. It is very practical, but nothing like home. Bence.
  12. I love them! However, this isn't the kind of song I expected from them. It's too heavy and lacks those fine nuances that makes them recognizable. I am looking forward what else the new album got to offer. Bence.
  13. Funny stuff with some good tones here and there. Bence.
  14. Not bad, but not very different from a Les Paul. Bence.
  15. Vox Wah - EP Booster - Zoom MS-50G (Bottom booster - Plexi simulation - Slap-back delay - Chorus) all into the line input of an old Crate GX-80 amp. Bence.
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