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  1. Hello. It's my '78 Recording. It can mimic so many guitars. Bence.
  2. Carl Sagan! As a kid, I have exchanged a few mails with Him. He was generous enough to answer a Hungarian kid - age of 8 - writing from Moscow. Bence.
  3. Hello G Mac. Thank You, and Happy New Year to You too! To be honest, I rarely play clean, so I don't have records of that. Mostly, I play through a Tube Screamer, or via a Plexi emulation with Bottom Booster. Bence.
  4. Interesting. To me it sounds brighter than the SG. Bence.
  5. That’s how it was done. All it takes is a modified P90s cover, and two screws with locking nuts. Bence.
  6. Thanks Duane! Funny isn’t it? That pickup came out from my ‘13 Am Special Strat, and sounds completely different in the Les Paul. Some say, the sound comes from pickups alone... they are wrong. Bence.
  7. Indeed! And can’t be happier! No more soldering jack plugs back. For a hobby player, like me, it’s a relief. Bence.
  8. Hello Tman! Thank You! Happy New Year to You and Your loved ones! Life is OK around here. I hope, it's great over there too... Bence.
  9. Thank You, Bill! :) Bence.
  10. Hello Jdgm! Thank You! Happy New Year to You too! 🙂 Bence.
  11. Tributes are great! I have a first year (2010) 50s Tribute. It's such a great-sounding guitar. Bence.
  12. Weirdly, it still sounds more like a Les Paul than the donor Stratocaster... ("tonewoods do not exist" - some say...) I like it's satin look too. It feels somewhat better than a gloss-finished Les Paul. Bence.
  13. Hello. It is very aggressive with emphasis on highs, and it's out-of-phase with the neck pickup at certain volume levels. https://www.facebook.com/bence.toth.9022/videos/10218601828030878/ Bence.
  14. Hello! Zoom R24 is quite a good one. Easy to use. It has built-in effects and a drum machine too. Bence.
  15. Hello Larry. Ed King of Lynyrd Skynyrd liked it. Bence.
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