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  1. Hello. EternaShine Scratch Remover is formulated for guitars. I used it many times with perfect results. I advise to carefully follow the instructions, though. Best of luck... Bence
  2. btoth76


    Congratulations! It's a beauty! Bence
  3. Hello Pin. Yes, I have been away for quite long time. I've got lot of work to do these day. I try to be present a bit more, if I can manage. Cheers... Bence
  4. The instrument in question looks like a Recording v.1. Version 2 was made between 1978-1980 with the "standard" body shape. 256 examples in total. Version II (Iridium model) is a recent reissue with modern features. Best wishes... Bence
  5. Gibson is going over to PRS territory. But there are some nice new Custom Shop models. I love this: Bence.
  6. Thank You, Pippy. The ES-LP sounds like a solid Les Paul on reverb, unplugged. Through the amp, it's tone is grainier than the solid's. It is very sensitive to picking attack: You can adjust the volume just by picking. It is also more versatile: playing with controls, You can change it's character significantly. I like to make it sound like a Strat (both pickups split/out-of-phase). Also, it rings longer than the solids (that's for the theory that heavy, dense bodies are the key to sustain :)). Best wishes... Bence
  7. Hello Farnsbarns. Yes, that is a good method. But the hardest part of the rewiring is when You try the get the prewired assembly into the body. Guiding the pot shaft into the holes seems very easy after that. Bence.
  8. Hello. Through the f-hole it would be impossible, at least through these narrow ones. I removed the bridge pickup and stuffed the harness through the cavity. If You are lucky, the solders will stop breaking after the 5-6th attempt. Then, I massaged the pot shafts into the holes with my fingers in the f-hole. :D Cheers... Bence
  9. Hello All. I thought, I share my experiences with the Epiphone ES-LP I bought in April. ] One of the Alpha volume pots died within a month of usage. I decided to replace the entire harness with high-quality components. I bought a Jimmy Page-style harness from Sigler Music. The pots are 500K Bourns push/pull units. Orange Drop caps and vintage style wax-coated wires. Great stuff. The intallation was a nightmare. Could have been easier with short-shaft pots, though. Sounds great, especially both pickups split and out-of-phase. Best wishes... Bence
  10. Hello and welcome to the Forums. That is a 2005 Les Paul Standard with 60s neck profile. Best wishes... Bence
  11. Hello. These Silverburst Studios came with ebony boards. B.R... Bence
  12. btoth76


    Very nice, Charlie! Congratulations! Best wishes... Bence
  13. Hello Michael. No special efforts needed. Just polish it, as You would any guitar during a yearly maintenance. Bence.
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