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  1. There is really not much point in adjusting it now, as whenever i adjust the neck, the next day it has reset itself, It might be adjusting to lower/higher humidity in the climate here. But when I check the neck, i put my finger on the first and last fret. if the strings lay flat on the frets as in my case, the necks need to be adjustet for more bow in the neck. On this guitar wish is 10 years old and needs fret leveling, its needs quite alot of bow in the neck, if I am going to have a low action without buzz. more than 0.2mm, propapbly more like 1mm.
  2. Yes the frets needs to be leveled, Its 10 years old. I know a good luthier, But its quite expensive. 300$. This is Norway, its a expensive country to live in, but 300$ I can almost buy a good used guitar for that money. It makes me wanna do it myself. But then again, this is a 3-4 grand les paul custom... If i **** up and the frets need to be changed, bye bye binding... and that would lower the value of the guitar quite alot
  3. When i press down the first and last fret to inspect the curve on the neck, the strings lay flat on the frets. except for a tiny gap between 2,3 and 4 fret. My other guitar got gap all the way up to about 15th fret when doing this.
  4. There is some photos here: http://forum.gitarnorge.no/topic/31659-selges-gibson-les-paul-class-5-custom-shop/
  5. I recently bought a used Les Paul, The strings was pretty low when i first got it, but after 2 weeks they went too low, the neck had obviousely straigthened out on its own. And i noticed every day I was picking it up that the tuning had gone sharp. So i had a luthier look at it 2 days ago and adjust it, he could not see anything wrong, and the truss rod responded like it should. But now, just 2 days after the adjustment i still notice that the guitar is going sharp overnight. And the neck has gone too straight. What could possible be causing this?
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