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  1. Thanks for all the replies, I understand that as you all say gibsons are much better, but could you maybe also tell your gibson's price, because you might be taking about 2000$ gibson, what i am talking about is 900 epi and 1200 gibson also if you know what is the difference betwee 1200 gibson and 1200 epi, which one is better?
  2. Hey, In close future I'd like to buy myself a les paul. But whilst looking throughout all the options I noticed something, overall, the Epi Les Pauls are rated higher than the gibson ones, I am looking at the 800$ to 1199 dollar zone. The 665 les paul standard and the 832 les paul studio seem to be higher rated than 1199 (with discount) Les Paul Studio Faded, I have a question why, and I'd really appreciate if you recommended the best les paul in that price range in your opinion. Thank you very much Konov
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