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  1. Holy crap ,man. Buy the firebird! It's not even that hard of a question!
  2. I totally understand! I love the Explorer too. I wish I didn't wait so long before buying them into my career. I always thought they were too goofy / metal cheesy. Man, was I wrong. It is my favorite. I really like the cream colored plastics. Verrrrrry nice!
  3. This guy does great work. http://www.terrapinisland.com/ I am in no way affiliated etc, just a happy customer.
  4. not really. it really just softened it up a tad. the pups themselves are so doggone hot to begin with, it didn't really adversely affect the sound... just rounded the tone a little bit. it's been really fun to play as is but.... I believe I have opened a can of worms because I now have been thinking I want chrome burstbuckers.... drool
  5. gulp... holy schnikies... That is beautiful! ps... I like that natural finish strat above too.
  6. Thx guys, I'm going to put screws into the holes. Ps... It is a Tube Screamer square button & mxr micro amp. Sweet combo for me
  7. So, I'm a stock stickler. I like my cars stock, guitars stock errrr.... Wait, I have had my LP classic in stock form for 14 years. Until now. Removal of the pick guard and addition of chrome pup covers had created an entirely different look: :) Probably not cool enough to create it's own thread but what the hell, cool
  8. Guys... I gotta be honest; I an wishing that I still had my 2008 faded red Explorer. Dammmmnnn again proving to myself to never sell a guitar. I have a bit of buyers remorse with my new Explorer (late 80's early 90's vintage) as shown in pictures above... Don't get me wrong, it's cool and all but my faded (that I sold last month) just "felt" better. At the time I just didn't like how "cheap" the painted on logo on the headstock looked. I guess the only wise thing yet to do now is buy a natural finish with gold hardware!!!!
  9. Holy crap... That is a beautiful guitar! Put 6 or 12 strings hell, even 9 for all I care! Regardless, cool guitar.
  10. Better pictures in daylight of the antique parchment pickguard & truss cover Yes, I am a proud papa, sue me! Upright :)
  11. Thx! Late 80's early 90's era
  12. New parchment pickguard & truss nut cover Cool, but bad lighting I love explorers! Weeeeeeee
  13. I say bring back the original "Classic." I have a 1997 LP classic and is still to this day my favorite LP I've played & owned. I was recently at guitar center and all the LP's were either the really cheap, no finish ones, or no trim piping, flat tops, jr's or Customs hanging waaaaay high on the wall. I'm afraid newer players might think les Paul synonymous with boring & cheap. For real, put out a higher quality "classic" les Paul that the workin man/young player will save an extra few months for, instead of buying dome crappy Dime Bag Darryl pointy thing or a Zakk wyldddd epiphone. Rant over- ps, I am serious. I am a huge Gibson apologist, especially in the studio. Get r done dammit!!!
  14. This thread is damaging to my wallet. I had a Vee when I was 14 years old (1984) and hated it because it was "too hard to play." D'oh! I sadly ended up with a Harmony Strat copy worth around $25 Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Ps... I'll leave out my original Chet Atkins garage find in 1981. If I only still had THAT one too *smh*
  15. I want to do this to my Explorer too. But, I don't know who sells a simple blank chrome pup cover. Will it deaden up the sound?!?! Btw... To the OP: Welcome to the club. My explorers have passed my LP classic, American Strat, tele's too. The Explorer is such an expressive guitar
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