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  1. Ok guys u really convince me, now i gotta know the difference between the virtuoso polish and the cleaner, i guess the polish is for scratches and the cleaner is for the purpose i follow (sweat marks, fingermarks, etc...) and for use it everyday? what about the polish do u recomend me to buy both? can i use the cleaner everyday? Thanks a lot!!
  2. Hi!!!I´m Rober, i live in Madrid, Spain, just bought a Les Paul Standard 2008 Gold top, so proud to be a gibson member, finally!!!, after 20 years playing crappy guitars...haha I´d like to know which product (the name and ref. exactly) for cleaning the body of my les paul (sweating, fingermarks...) and which one for the rest: strings, neck, etc... and i´d like to hear some tips to keep my guitar new as the first day.... I red than the nitrocellulose finish is very delicated and u can´t use polish products.... thank u very much and sorry about my english
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