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  1. Literally haven't been able to keep my hands off my J-45 since I got her a week or so ago. Wondering though, as I wrestle with the bigger bout (I've played nothing but 000 and OMs for years) if there's a smaller body Gibson out there that packs a similar punch as the J-45 (much as a good OM can give a dread a run for its money)? Suggestions (and sound clips) appreciated! GBG
  2. Exactly: Looking for that second voice, zomby, one that accents, not replaces the J-45. I've been leaning towards an LG-1 (love that ladder-braced tone) until I saw this most excellent birth year LG 2. Just wondering how the LG-2 (typically) sounds...
  3. Really happy with the J-45 I just picked up (and all the advice here that helped me find the right one)... Trouble is now I've got the urge for another Gibson. Looking at a tempting vintage LG-2, made in my birth year. I'd welcome any feedback from any LG-2 owners. Wondering if it'd be a good companion to the J-45... TIA GBG
  4. Apologies. Belong to to several on line forums. Didn't know (didn't see that) the rules here were different. I do see now why traffic on this site is a fraction of what it is on the other sites, though.
  5. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. Hence the "FWIW." I'm a guitar lover: I own Martins, Taylors, Gibsons, Takemines, Fenders, Gurians... I'd check out any one of 'em. Any time. With no prejudice. Thought others here might feel the same...
  6. FWIW: Taylor Acoustic Road Show Dates and Places
  7. Still learning the Gibson ropes, but I believe the saddle is period-correct, as are the other TV features.
  8. Gibson101: "Done" as in I contacted the dealer to inform him that the term "Custom Shop" was misleading. He admitted it's a J-45 Standard...
  9. LOL. I hear you, PA. And believe me, I'm trying. Already bought and returned a TV. Didn't care for the stripped "speed" neck. Plus the guitar was set up beyond poorly, hinting that further modifications were due. And to be honest, I never buy a guitar without an exit strategy. I felt the guitar was priced a little high, and that those modifications would affect it resale value. Being new to Gibsons, I'm trying to learn to guage both their merits and marketability. As UMGF-ers, we both know that certain Martins will ALWAYS move. Some in a matter of hours. I'm trying to learn which Gibsons, likewise, have consistent appeal. Bottom line: I'm hoping to land another TV, but I really like the Gold Top, which leaves me wondering if the lack of a sunburst finish is going to cause me problems down the road if I chose to move on... P.S. Thanks John. That's the one I'm considering. Already in touch with seller...
  10. Any first hand experience with the Gold Tops?
  11. Great thread. I'm a record promoter, more or less. We service major label releases to radio, DJs, and nightclubs and produce concerts here and there. If anyone out there is in or near Atlantic City the week of August 16th and would like to catch our Summer Sessions concert at the House Of Blues, give me a shout and I'll shoot you a pass. Summer Sessions
  12. "What's that even supposed to mean?" My point exactly... Will check with Gibson C/S -- thanks! Who knew buying my first Gibson was going to be such a pain...
  13. For some reason I can't post the exact listing, but if you'll hit this and input "Gibson J-45" you'll see it... Custom Shop Gibson J-45
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