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  1. In the bottom picture, it looks like there is a wire with black cloth covering that isn't connected on one end. Can't really tell, but it might have to be connected to the square capacitor to it's left. HTH Edit: Willy beat me to it!
  2. Same here... The first 339 I saw in my local music shop (Alto Music in Middletown) was disappointing because of a flat empty sound when played acoustically. Made me think I didn't really want one after all. A couple of months later the store put out another one in Pelham Blue and it was night and day different from the first one. The tone was so rich I was surprised it was still on the wall. It went home with me a couple of days later...
  3. If you're using D'Addario strings, I had this same problem a while ago and apparently it was a bad batch of strings. I contacted D'A about the problem and after giving them the lot number from the packaging they sent me a dozen new E strings as replacements. HTH
  4. 1964, and of course I'm the dorkiest looking one here.
  5. I've had one of those for a couple of years now, great instrument.
  6. G strings are notorious for poor sound. I used to have a site that explained why but can't find it ATM. Try using a wound G as an experiment, you might find it sounds better, sustains better, intonates better, etc, and does what you want. HTH
  7. Looks good! Makes me wonder how my 339 would look sanded down, instead of what looks like black magic marker on the edges. Only other comment I could make is that the top's laminations are visible now, maybe a touch up with a beige paint (from a hobby shop) would hide that and match the rest of the wood.....
  8. Same with my 339 bought last spring. Expected an owners manual, cleaning cloth, etc, only received the key and the COA. Had to go back to the shop at a later date to get a truss rod wrench...
  9. Allan, I have a set of Gibson 57 Classic 57 Classic Plus with gold covers that I'd sell for $100. They are very lightly used, in excellent condition.

  10. If you're using D'Addario strings, they have been having problems with E strings breaking. I had a few let go just above the ball end, and when I queried D'A about it, they asked for the package code from the inside plastic liner. They wound up sending me a 10-pack of new E strings, might be some sort of manufacturing defect somewhere.... HTH
  11. The top of the stud is flat, the top of the guitar is curved, so there's almost always a little space there. Nothing to worry about. Don't know about the crack, keep an eye on it to see if it changes at all. Enjoy the guitar!
  12. I don't know if I've posted this before, but what the hek, can't hurt for everyone to see my fave Epi again! First Tak Matsumoto model...
  13. Notes, I had a Washburn WI-66 that had a system like you were asking about. I think it was called VCC or something similar, you can probably look at Washburns web site for a better description. HTH
  14. I think the Frugal Guitarist had a review of a Xavier, check at http://www.frugalguitarist.com/Frugal.aspx
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