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  1. In my math class we were assigned a project recently. We had to pick a question and perform a survey. My question to you - What Gauge of Guitar Strings do you prefer? Give the gauge of the high E string. NOTE: brand of strings doesn't matter, nor does the guitar which they are on. If you have two gauges that you're just split down the middle about and you couldn't decide for money, women, or the threat of death, then it's fine to give me both. I'm looking for over 30 people's preferences. Your help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I use flatwounds on my electric. I love it. I use a .13-.56 gauge D'addario, and I put it in standard tuning. It gives it a much thicker sound. The flatwound aspect of it, not the gauge necessarily.
  3. I've played the Tiny Terror, and I felt the same way about it. I rather liked it. I haven't played any Eganters however. The only thing I can weigh in with is headroom. While the Orange is 15w, it will have the least headroom of the 3, obviously since it has the lowest wattage. The rebel 30 will have the most, obviously. The thing is though, these low wattage amps aren't really designed for clean headroom. But if that's what you're going for, out of these 3, the Rebel 30 would win. Also, the Eganters have 3 band EQ, so you could dial in your tone a bit more precisely.
  4. That's what I use to record. I think it's great! I use it with GarageBand and it works quite well, especially since there are no drivers that I have to deal with.
  5. Well I can't say I've ever seen an SG like that, though that looks a LOT like the Les Paul Recording model Gibson put out a long time ago... Just in SG form.
  6. Now, this problem puzzles me and all of the musicians I've consulted. When I crank my solid state amp up over about 4 with the gain halfway, my guitar will begin to distort. The more I crank it up, the more it breaks up. And it's not like there's a valve in it to simulate that sound. It's an Orange Crush 30R. The only explanation I can up with is that the amp is meant to do this. The only problem with that explanation is that there's already an overdrive feature, (which I always keep off), so why would it distort when on a clean setting? I'm thoroughly confused, as I was under the impression that solid states generally kept clean.
  7. In all honesty, I really have never had a bad experience with GC. Some of the employees could have handled some situations better, but on average they were pretty nice. While the employees might be nice, their handling of guitars is not what it should be. I've seen many a guitar with input jacks sunken into the body since the nut fell off. My friend alerted an employee about this on a guitar and she replied, "oh, yeah, that happens all the time, don't worry about it", and just left it alone. On top of that, the strings on the guitars I've tried, (i.e., lefties, so I'm sure they get even worse care...), always have the nastiest strings on them. I can feel the grime on them, It's terrible! They leave my fingertips discolored Unfortunately, GC is the only music store within reasonable distance that sells Lefty Gibsons, otherwise I'll have to wait for my local store to get a used one. And finding one that I can play will take a LOT of waiting
  8. The only problem with a converted Righty is that the knobs can get in the way, since that's pretty much where your arm rests. I suppose it depends on how your guitar is situated when playing, however. For me it gets in the way, whether I'm standing or sitting, and it's extremely irritating. I only having one lefty-conversion; it was my first, so I didn't know any better. I rarely use that godforsaken thing.
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