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  1. Es339. 9 for a 59 neck profile. AVS for antique vintage sunburst. NH1 for bright nickel hardware
  2. I have no idea what you are talking about. I deal mainly with Cutom shop guitars

  3. I need help with decadence registration and nobody help me... can you help me?

  4. Either way, the 339's are made in the same shop, Memphis, as the original run that had the decals.
  5. The 339's are made in Memphis which IS part of the Custom Shop just in a different location. Memphis Custom Shop. The changes you mentioned are mainly because the first run of 500 339's had the decal and the booklet. Over the years as part of cost savings, those things were cut. If you are looking at a 339, it is a Custom Shop build in Memphis. To my knowledge, there has only been one 339 made in Nashville.
  6. You can not go directly to Gibson for an order unless you are a sponsored artist or big name player. I would suggest contacting Music Zoo, Chicago Music or Wildwood (random order not any particular reason) and ask for a Custom order quote. The program is still alive and doing very well. There are really no "run outs' or seconds as everything they make is made to order for a dealer.
  7. 2007 should still be ebony
  8. Certificates are not reissued. You will have to contact Guitar Center to see if they have found the original certificate.
  9. CR9

    WTB R7 Goldtop

    A "massive" neck is going to add weight. I would say that you may be looking for a chambered Les Paul. I have had several of the CR7's with necks as you describe. HUGE. The year and the R number has really nothing to do with the neck profile as each are hand formed and certain dealers have ordered different profiles. i once had a CR that had a neck smaller than an R0. Looking for a specific neck profile without trying it yourself is probably going to not have the results you want unless you know the salesperson and they know what you like. The biggest neck profile that normally comes out o
  10. The value is about the same new or used. If one plays better or fits you better, go with that one. No matter which one you get, you will always think the other one could have been better. If they are equal, get the one that looks better to you.
  11. The binding color and the red bleeding into the binding are normal. Some have more or less red bleeding. That is due to the analine dye used on the back and sides and the use of a lacquer finish. It probably would not bleed on a poly finished guitar but that would not be historically correct for a Les Paul. I have had many that look just like yours.
  12. CR9

    Johnny A

    Wish I still had mine..... Check out: Johnny A registry
  13. I had 2 of the original run of 339's and loved them so much, I sold them and custom ordered a 339 one-off. This is what the wiring looks like before it goes in. Mine has paper in oil caps and the stock caps or normally used.
  14. If you have already played the R8 and it is amazing, then your search has ended. I don't know how any other guitar could be better then "amazing". Buying an R8 or an R7 without playing it is a major gamble even if you trust the sales person. Your opinion of the guitar may not be the same as the person telling you about it. You can really only make the decision by playing both yourself. If you want an R7 more than an R8, you should find a way to play some. Each one will be different than the next as there are so many variables in wood, pickups and neck profiles. Just my opinion.....
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