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  1. Here is a demo of the Joe Bnamassa SD pups. Picking dynamics, blues, classic rock and even a skosh of shred for those who think these puppies cannot do it all.....pretty happy with em! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kt2CPRwyNCk&list=UUYiMWvp9JpTT_c45P9W1Jsg&index=1
  2. Nice! My Joe b pups are coming Monday!! Did I miss the thread where you gave a more comprehensive review of the pups?
  3. This was done tonight to use as an a/b against the Joe B SD pups when they are in hopefully by sat pm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWam32a_z4o&feature=youtu.behttp://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWam32a_z4o&feature=youtu.be
  4. Right on fells, ordered my Joe B SD pups yesterday with bumble bee 50's wiring pre soldered kit to go in at the same time! I will do a video with them and post it here too using em with the Fractal Axe Fx II
  5. Willy, Wow, a lot of great info,.. a little overwhelming for someone who is just scratching the surface. Looked at the link, man you put a lot of time in to that thanks! Below is what i was looking at. The bublebee caps seem to be good quality. Is there much of a difference between these and what jonesyblues uses? I am familiar with his site and modded gear. Also it might be worth noting I am doing this upgrade to an 03 LP standard with classic 57/plus in it. The plus side is a little mmm hard to tame I guess you could say. With this made help or hinder that? I am also looking ha
  6. Please keep me posted. Rig used Joe B type tone or what tone you mainly use would be helpfull too. Gary M tribute, what are 'bumbles'??
  7. Hey Willy thanks for the reply and link! I will have someone do it. As for tapers, I do not roll off tone very much however I am very much in need of better clean up with volume roll of thus the audio taper swap versus the linear currently in the LP. My understanding is the audio taper will keep a more smooth and even vol decrease rather than the abrupt drop at about 3 I currently get. What is the significance of the oil caps? And why would i need to change the tone pots, do they effect the 500k pots would put in and if so what is the relationship that would effect it? thanks
  8. Does this mean you just ordered them? If so please do let me know and how they compare to say the classic 57/57plus pups and through what rig your using for context. Thanks!!
  9. I am curious as to opinions here regarding Bonamassa's signature SD pups. Anyone have them, and how would they compare to my classic 57/57plus set?
  10. I have a 03 LP standard premium plu and want to change out pots from 300 to 500k. Do I need to do the tone pots too, and is there a diagram for the 50's wiring? Also oil caps right? Anything else? Using 57 neck 57 plus pups used. Thanks, Don
  11. Have you had any issues with your Lifeson axcess LP?

  12. If I do not have to have the piezo feature And since it seems to bee so problematic what would folks here suggest who have tried both the standard as well as the AL LP?
  13. Boy I am so glad to get some info on the particulars of Lifeson, Gibbons and Vai's tone! Actually for a skilled gigging guitarist with capable rig one axe can cover these tones. Thank you to the last 2 posts for some useful subjective info that answered my question.
  14. How would the burst bucker pro compare to the classic 57's? I am looking for ZZ to Rush and on to Vai tones with NO noise at higher gain settings.
  15. Are the classic 57 pups wax dipped? The covered ones that come stock of course.
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