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  1. Did anyone ever settle the conflict of information as to which P/U set in the Shred Studio? One page has it as 490R & 498T, and the spec page has the set as being 496R & 500T. Just curious.
  2. +1 lagerfanny. If the girlfriend / wife has any nail glue (for press on fingernails), this works great too.
  3. Axe - Love the Jack Daniel's strap! Is it as comfortable as your Levy's? They all look great against the Fartburst : ) Good to see you on here still. So many of the LP folks seem to have flown the coup. Come to think of it, I kind of did too. SLS
  4. Sit back and smile while you take in some pride, because you sir are a craftsman! I also love the contrast of the black top with the lighter sides too. A massive improvement!
  5. I'm currently trying to get my son to crank his amp to a boost level volume and back down on his guitar volume until a lead break presents itself. I believe those dynamics are useful to make the band sound balanced, to keep other band members happy, and to get volume high enough for solos. I think tone adjustment is necessary to make songs sound more different from each other. How could one get close to Slash's lead tone without switching to the neck pickup and moving the tone knob on that pickup to near zero? Most times my tone knobs are at 6-8, depending on the song. If I want a very bri
  6. A really sweet axe man! Trad Pro's rock! Coil tapping too? Sign me up : )
  7. I have to say that I like the tone better on the std. 10-48 string set. I use Dean Markley Blue Steel, or Gibson Vintage, or Les Paul's. The 9's sound like light-weights to me. If I weren't concerned with tone (wait for it) I would have purchased one of those one-trick ponies with no tone anyway. I could string it with fly-weights and it would make no difference. But, I bought a Les Paul Std. - 10's. I've heard great things about 11's as well. SLS
  8. Ahemm! Has anyone had toggle troubles like this? Any ideas on how to stay away from said troubles?
  9. Hi bretheren! Looking for opinions please. Reese had a short when switching to the rhythm pickup on his '07 Studio VM back in July. I took it to GC's tech, who made the prob. go away (w/o tell me what he did) for $27 or so. The problem came back a couple of weeks ago. The guy stood behind the work. Without knowing what he did (this time either), are there any recommendations to keep this from happening again so often? It is a big inconvenience, as well as somewhat a drag for Reese, since the last time it happened, he was playing with some pros at their gig. I know I'm not giving much info
  10. Still loving the pungent one - The Fartburst! Bravo!
  11. With my professional grade built into monitor HP speakers, it's easy to tell that "C" sounds best. LOL Who knows how it would sound coming through real speakers. Good job on the demo. Also, bad amps & bad settings (especially too much gain) & too many pedals in the wrong positions can ruin tone. Even with the wonderful Les Paul.
  12. Sweet looking Trad, BB. Love the witch hats w/ pointers!
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