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  1. I've dealt with Wildwood several times and have had nothing but great experiences.
  2. Interesting story about George, a fellow musician lending a helping hand and a guitar: http://www.chicagotr...0,2141456.story
  3. This one with a Bigsby is supposed to be coming out sometime this year. I love my Traditional, too, and might find one of these very tempting when they come out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4rpQgX2l2E
  4. I've seen them many times over the years, starting with an amazing show in 1977 (still ranks among my favorite concerts ever) as well as that '79 tour with Graham Parker and the Rumour opening. Always a great show.
  5. Evidently the flame on its back was one of its identifiable characteristics: http://www.chicagotr...0,6395001.story
  6. Over the years I've really enjoyed reading and sometimes re-reading various long rambling interviews with Pete Townshend. This one, from 1968, is one of the best I think, and particularly interesting in this conversation as it took place right after the first performance at which he deliberately did not smash a guitar: http://www.rollingst...rt-one-19680914
  7. Glad you're okay and damage to your house was limited, but I've no doubt the destruction all around you is causing all kinds of suffering. I was worried about friends downstate. They made out okay but your posts put a real face on this. Growing up in Indiana we had a close call with a tornado that somehow chose to skip about a half-mile area that included our house before touching down and tearing up another area of our town. Later, in college, I volunteered after a tornado destroyed a nearby town. Five years later I wound up working in that town and they were still recovering. Sorry for what
  8. If you're at the Old Town School (where they've got a pretty nice little shop of their own called The Different Strummer) just a few blocks north up Lincoln Ave. is Rock N Roll Vintage where they've got a pretty good array of vintage guitars, amps and other gear.
  9. So sorry for your loss. It's always so hard. I've always tried to remind myself as we've gone through this that while it's unfortunate that these wonderful friends' lifespans don't more closely match our own that gives us the opportunity to share our time with more of them. And we never forget the ones that came before.
  10. Thanks for the information, sorry you had to learn by experience! Best of luck with the pup, I hope she suffers no ill effects from this misadventure.Our guy has a real knack for getting into all sorts of stuff he shouldn't so we have to try to be pretty careful and outsmart him whenever possible. He did manage to get into a box of chocolates at the holidays when he was about 11 months but escaped that with nothing more than a taste for chocolate. If my wife has had a candy bar in her backpack earlier in the day he's all over it when she gets home.
  11. Pete Townshend played P-90 equipped SGs from 1968 through the early Quadrophenia shows in 1973 so if you listen to him on Live at Leeds or Woodstock or the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus you'll get plenty of SG action.
  12. This really is impossible, but I'll throw in Quadrophenia, London Calling and Exile on Main Street. Of course, now I want to add Neil Young's Tonight's the Night, Dylan's Blonde on Blonde and either Alice Cooper's Love It to Death or Killer. I'll stop writing now before I add too many others. Yep, impossible.
  13. Very cute, indeed! We've got a five-year-old puppy who's retained a lot of his cuteness. Enjoy Alfie!
  14. Yeah, I'm a pretty huge fan. And I'm pretty confident I'll wind up popping for the box. I've got a birthday right around the release date and I'm hoping someone will decide it would be the perfect gift. But, as I said, I'm pretty confident I'll wind up popping for the box.
  15. I had the mid-70s classic Dual 1216 for many years. Ran it through a Sansui 771 receiver (which I still have) into Large Advent speakers (utility cabinets) which are long gone but I wish I still had. I've now got a Denon turntable I've had for many years that's still doing the job with periodic stylus and cartridge updates.
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