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  1. I would love to put a pick guard on my Union Jack Sheraton, but I can't find any online. Since the pickups are mini-humbuckers I can't find anything that will work. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Hey, I bought a Union Jack Sheraton. I love it, it sounds awesome. The only drawback I've noticed is that if I really dig in, the strings between the bridge and tail piece 'chime' a lot. I like the tail piece, I think it looks very nice on the guitar. It seems to stay in tune nicely, and you can bend the strings a mile. Has anyone else noticed this? I've put tape on the strings in that area and it seems to help, a lot. I'm just wondering if anyone else has any solutions. Thanks, Yoda
  3. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just not really liking the "new" web board, and it seems to be the same old $hit different day.

  4. Why do you care so much if people like Gary Moore so much? I mean I have my favorite musicians, and I don't care if no one else likes them.
  5. Well I should be, I took 6 years of electronics, and work as a technician. You are misunderstanding inductance; in short, in a low current application a coil, any coil, acts as a low-pass filter. They use them in crossovers for this effect, and they are not in "high current" applications. You cannot amplify inductance. The properties of the coil were discovered by Nikola Tesla, and he pretty much devoted his life's work to their research. In short, any coiled cord will have an inductive effect on your signal. That being said I would not use a coiled cord, unless that is the "
  6. If I remember my electronics schooling, I thought the "tone suck" with coiled cords wasn't so much the length as the fact that they act as a filter. They have an inductive effect on the guitar signal. Inductors act as "low pass" filters, filtering out the highs. I think the new ones are better because they are shielded, but they still have signal loss due to the length.
  7. This has always be my favorite beer drinkin' song, well Whisky really. Yes Whisky spelled with no "e", that's how Scotch and English Whiskys are spelled; not Whiskey. A few "rocks" and I'm good!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biMGUTpISFo
  8. Yes Hedwig was made into a movie. Not right now, but we are working on it.
  9. Some friends of mine in a local theater group just did a live performance of "Hedwig And The Angry Inch", it was amazing!! Just curious if any of you have ever seen it. link Picture Related:
  10. You do realize that it is a FADED finish. e.g. not all the coats of stain, and clear coat, and buffing of a gloss finish guitar. The fret board thing is weird, but the finish on the faded is not the smoothest thing in the world.
  11. Well maybe it's your guitar, or cabling then.
  12. It's hard to figure out what you are trying to say, but if I read you correctly you want to make a guitar look like one of Slash's. I would ask you a couple of questions first. 1) Have you built a guitar before? 2) Have you painted a guitar before? 3) do you have a paint booth? 4) air compressor? 5) spray gun? 6) buffing wheel? 7) Et cetera Gibson gets the finishes try get because they know what they are doing. They have the equipment, and the time. My advice would be to buy the guitar you want, unless you are a skilled/experienced guitar builder/woodworker. But th
  13. Rub dirt on it, and walk it off!
  14. It's kind of like a Sherman tank, just more echoey;)
  15. You have a burg rattling around.....no just kidding;) take off the back, while it is unplugged of course, and re-seat all the tubes; one may have come loose.
  16. Cardboard guitars worked for early metal fans in England. It's about 2:50 into this clip.
  17. I just dry wipe them after playing them, I've never "polished" a guitar. Sometimes I clean and oil the fret board, but that is the extent. I don't beat you guitars up, but life's too short to worry about polishing them all the time. To each their own. :)
  18. If you want to learn how beer is made and it appeals to you, then yes. If your thoughts are saving money over buying the beer at the store, don't do it; Like any hobby it is not cheap.
  19. Not a thong, it is where the botus (spelling) of the dress ends, in a ribbon stitch.
  20. Tone? It's a mini guitar and 1 watt battery powered transistor amp. I think tone is out of the question. Just sayin'. But it does look like fun!!!
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