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  1. I love the video. That's one thing you really don't see all that much of and that's Stevie playing a 12 string or acoustic either... Thanx for vid.
  2. 72??.. Wow, it don't seem that long ago already.
  3. I can't wait to get the dvd... Amazon here I come.. And to think, I wouldn't have known this was coming out til now..Tnx.
  4. Count me in as well. To bad this idea is just that!! An idea!!
  5. Sweet guitar.. Now I see that, I need one myself.. Thanx.
  6. 50 years huh?? Wow, it seem like when I was a kid, oh wait, I'm 46, that they were around forever then. H-Day!!
  7. If ya'll look at google and type wallpaper in 2880x1800, a lot to pick from.. Don't look that bad either .. On 1 or page 2 there is a Gibson ES-335, don't look way to big either... depending what you normally use that is... Just thought it was cool, and I took awhile getting back to this site cuz of health, bad ticker, and modding a Apple forum and a Google TV forum with another that I do once in a while, not as much though... Time is hard these days and growing shorter, not sunshine time either...Just going by faster... Just wanted to let the most of you that know me, I will be sto
  8. Yea!! I agree with that. ^^^^^ Politically correct you know...
  9. I downloaded it today, and it was a flawless operation!! Of course, it's a Mac, what else did I expect??
  10. Sorry guys.. I went to the logitech site, and there is a new update for Lion.. My bad.
  11. I love them! I have the 50's Les Paul Tribute, and the sound is very sweet indeed.. I wouldn't worry about NOT liking them..
  12. Now that I think about it Andy, Is the setting for scrolling in the settings for an Apple mouse, like the magic mouse, Cuz I am using a logitech MX mouse, and I'm not for certain, but, Last time I looked at Logitechs homepage, there still wasn't an update yet.
  13. Thank.. My point exactly, who pushes up to go down ? It's nice to see that in the national feed of Lion you can at least change it in the settings... You couldn't in some of the beta versions I had, at least I never did figure that out..
  14. I have been beta testing lion for the last 7-9 months.. With each new seed update, they took stuff away, like new features, ect... only to let out some each time.. and added at different seeds.. I do still have a seed copy of Lion I use here and there... A question for those of you that have it now... All the Apple Developer seeds which I have used, it always has a real bad flaw it used. I think Apple does it on purpose, so the developers have to switch to get the querks back out for the final product. The examples I know right away are, the side scroll bar did disappear on
  15. Boy, Gilmour sure is looking more and more like a senior citizen these days.. Last time I saw him was in Chicago back in 2004 I believe was the year..
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