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  1. I love the video. That's one thing you really don't see all that much of and that's Stevie playing a 12 string or acoustic either... Thanx for vid.
  2. 72??.. Wow, it don't seem that long ago already.
  3. I can't wait to get the dvd... Amazon here I come.. And to think, I wouldn't have known this was coming out til now..Tnx.
  4. Count me in as well. To bad this idea is just that!! An idea!!
  5. Sweet guitar.. Now I see that, I need one myself.. Thanx.
  6. 50 years huh?? Wow, it seem like when I was a kid, oh wait, I'm 46, that they were around forever then. H-Day!!
  7. If ya'll look at google and type wallpaper in 2880x1800, a lot to pick from.. Don't look that bad either .. On 1 or page 2 there is a Gibson ES-335, don't look way to big either... depending what you normally use that is... Just thought it was cool, and I took awhile getting back to this site cuz of health, bad ticker, and modding a Apple forum and a Google TV forum with another that I do once in a while, not as much though... Time is hard these days and growing shorter, not sunshine time either...Just going by faster... Just wanted to let the most of you that know me, I will be stopping in from time to time once in a while now for awhile again.... Scott
  8. Yea!! I agree with that. ^^^^^ Politically correct you know...
  9. I downloaded it today, and it was a flawless operation!! Of course, it's a Mac, what else did I expect??
  10. Sorry guys.. I went to the logitech site, and there is a new update for Lion.. My bad.
  11. I love them! I have the 50's Les Paul Tribute, and the sound is very sweet indeed.. I wouldn't worry about NOT liking them..
  12. Now that I think about it Andy, Is the setting for scrolling in the settings for an Apple mouse, like the magic mouse, Cuz I am using a logitech MX mouse, and I'm not for certain, but, Last time I looked at Logitechs homepage, there still wasn't an update yet.
  13. Thank.. My point exactly, who pushes up to go down ? It's nice to see that in the national feed of Lion you can at least change it in the settings... You couldn't in some of the beta versions I had, at least I never did figure that out..
  14. I have been beta testing lion for the last 7-9 months.. With each new seed update, they took stuff away, like new features, ect... only to let out some each time.. and added at different seeds.. I do still have a seed copy of Lion I use here and there... A question for those of you that have it now... All the Apple Developer seeds which I have used, it always has a real bad flaw it used. I think Apple does it on purpose, so the developers have to switch to get the querks back out for the final product. The examples I know right away are, the side scroll bar did disappear on earlier seeds, but not all, also, the mouse scroll goes backwards on my latest Lion seed... Therer many others that I know that did this to as well. Now, did they fix that with the final product, or is it still backwards??? It really cheeses me off....
  15. Boy, Gilmour sure is looking more and more like a senior citizen these days.. Last time I saw him was in Chicago back in 2004 I believe was the year..
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