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  1. Wait a second, now it popped in my inbox all of a sudden...

    It's working for some reason..

  2. Thanks for the friendship there demon.

    I've been wanting to come back out in the forum, but, the site has been SO sloowww... in the last 3 weeks or so..

    Every other site I go to has been just fine, I wonder why this one is so bad?

    How has it been for every one else out in the lounge, normal speed, or slow??

  3. What do you guys think of the whole idea??

  4. Cool man, now I have one friend!!

    Just kidding thanks bud..

  5. You know, since you said that, It is very interesting all the hits one can find about the necks on the internet. I've never really thought about that till now. Again, cool info. Thanx.
  6. I guess if I had to pick, I would pick the 50's.. But then again, I'm partial.
  7. I guess it's all in the way you look at it. Not only hand size, but, also what you start with could be another factor in this conversation. I do have a larger hand and I do like the 50's neck, but, i wonder if I would have started out with a slimmer neck guitar if that would still be a fair statement?
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