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  1. Hello everybody, I'm just beginning to learn guitar this year, since january, and I'm really happy, I think it is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. I have a dreadnought but it is a bit big for me, so I've decided to buy a new good acoustic guitar. I love the shape of jumbos, but they are really big, so I'd like a mini or small jumbo. I'm very enthusiast with the Gibson J-165 EC reosewood, but that model is hard to find where I live (Spain). I think It would be better to try a guitar before purchasing it. By like strumming and flatpicking, but I also want to play fingerpicking and country blues. Could you recommend me a good and versatile guitar under 2.600 USD? Any comment will be very useful for me, so thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks astir, I think that the maple version should be alright. Now that I'm aware of possible quality issues with gibsons, I'm afraid I don't get what I want when buyng the J-165 EC. The problem is that I don't know any luthier, and additionally, I'll have to travel to another city (from Zargoza to Barcelona) to buy the guitar, since I prefer to prove it and play it before the purchase (although I don't play very much). May be I can buy it if I like it and then take it to an experienced guitarist to check it. Nevertheless, I'm starting to think about other brands, such as Martin or Taylor. The thing is I really like the look of Gibson's Vintage Surnburst and though that such high end guitars were really hihg quality instruments without exception. I would like a small bodied guitar. I have a Yamaha dreadnought and it is a bit big for me. I really like the shape of jumbos, and that's why I was thinking of a small jumbo. Thanks again for your comments, it is very rewarding and useful to find someone with experience to share ideas with, Best regards.
  3. Hello again, I found out that stores near me only have the maple version of the J-165 EC (they also have the maple CJ-165 EC), does anyone knows the difference between maple and rosewood for back and sides? I also wonder what are the differences between the J-165 EC and CJ-165 EC models. I only know that the CJ's are previous to the J's and that they no longer appear on the gibson website, though some dealers are still selling them. Thank you very much for any information you can give me, I'm just beginning in the guitar world, Best regards.
  4. Thank you astir, I will have that into account. It is a shame that even on a high end guitar you have to be afraid of build quality.
  5. Hello everybody, I'm thinking to buy the J-165 EC Rosewood (cutaway), Does anyone have played it?, any comments? Thanks good people.
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