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  1. I just saw a couple of 40's era Epiphone Zephyr Regent guitars on ebay. I've never played one but they are beautiful guitars.The ones I looked at were in the $5500 range. Any ideas on a realistic price range of these beautiful instruments ? Thanks! gbailey
  2. Can any of you guys recommend a relatively current book of approximate appraisal values for vintage Gibson instruments? Thanks - from the new guy!
  3. She's very talented and incredibly sexy...mm..mm..mm. The guitarist obviously did his home work as well.Anyone know his name?
  4. Hello Izzy, New guy here...Sounds like you're on the right track. If he gives you any more crap, you might want to seriously think about quietly moving at least to another zip code. And maybe even changing jobs...verry quietly. That's what I'd tell my daughter, anyway. Regarding playing a less than desirable guitar: I saw a special on the "Bravo channel" several months ago about current Mississippi delta blues players. Those guys were a joy to watch because of the emotion they poured into their music. The guitars I saw them using were obviously all they could afford. I'm talking S
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