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  1. I think most of that is nonsense. All wire has capacitance... even doorbell wire. Nothing new. Placement of chassis wiring is critical as to capacitance problems with circuit and chassis wiring. All wire may NOT have magnetism however. The extremes mentioned above are not applicable to me as such. I am happy with a transistor radio. Yes I have retro Pioneer audiophile gear. So what. It makes music and that's good enough. Tubes make noise too... thermionic emissions of the cathode etc... yadda yadda... CHEEKS
  2. NORMAL sane peeple don't do that ! Demagnetization of copper cable? Next will be an old box of typewriter 'carriage returns'... or 'muffler bearings' on your car... CHEEKS
  3. I needed an amp Remote Footswitch and so to the junk box I went. I found an early 1970's CRAIG tape recorder footswitch. This CRAIG footswitch contains a like new micro-switch inside. I slapped on a stereo TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) 1/4-inch plug and it works perfectly. Now I can change amp channels between CLEAN & DIRTY BLUES. Very nice. The salvaged CRAIG footswitch cost me a quarter ( 25-cents/USA ) many years ago at a garage sale. I don't know IF Epi amps use remote switches. My amp is a Peavey BANDIT 112 SHEFFIELD 12" speaker (SILVER striped BANDIT), 80watts
  4. I dare say that the symbol on top of that headstock has in today's parlance... 'religious significance'... CHEEKS
  5. I agree with this.. they ARE brittle, if you "open the shaft gap" too much, one ear might snap off. Some shafts look like a cheap 'white-ish pot-metal' type metal... and that is brittle indeed. CHEEKS
  6. I was hoping that the 'Nighthawk' was named in honor of this Blues artist... Robert Nighthawk of Maxwell Street Chicago Blues fame... but it doesn't look like it... Robert NIGHTHAWK - CLICK HERE CHEEKS
  7. Be right back, I have to alert the U.S. Border Patrol that they will be having activity... CHEEKS
  8. DITTO ! ????????? Peeps don't explain much here.. we are supposed to be mind readers... but I believe I found an example of a Marathon... Example of Epi Marathon - CLICK HERE CHEEKS
  9. Some things loose their value when trade-in time comes... such as modified or altered equipment. You may think it's CoooL but others may not... therefore a loss in value... Most people want Original equipment, not butchered equipment. CHEEKS
  10. I kinda don't understand what you're saying but: The power switch should go on the MAINS side... so it turns off the PRIMARY SIDE of the transformer. IF you wired it anywhere else, only part of the circuit would be switched off and the rest still in the ON position when the unit is plugged into the mains (120VAC/USA). Now, listen to this... INSTALL A FUSE in that same PRIMARY SIDE of that transformer. If you don't, and you get a short somewhere downstream in the circuit, or a capacitor shorts out... you will probably FRY (burnout as in a OPEN secondary winding) the t
  11. http://matthelyar.blogspot.com/2010/07/introduction-if-you-spend-any-time.html That essay and graphs at the link look a bit like lab-tech workups... very well done and with the proper technique I will say. Well written and matter of factly written which is what it should be. Nice job ! Some electronics tech writers are very sloppy, but you did a commendable job indeed. The differences displayed in your graphs is typical of electronics circuitry, in that when one starts to use parallel circuit branches, things start happening that are not easy to see without the plotting. Again,
  12. CoooL ! Now that makes 2 people with snazzy amps! I wrote that down on paper by the way... will check it out. Great advice and thanks. CHEEKS
  13. I guess I am the only one, who gives a damn if his/her amp looks spiffy, clean, sharp and sassy. I feel for the rest of you with scabby lookin amps... torn, scuffed and filthy and crappy lookin toboot. HA ! CHEEKS]
  14. Wow! This has been posted now for 2 days with 26 viewers... and not one comment. Unreal. CHEEKS
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