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  1. The last show I seen was I went to see a local Pittsburgh sensation known as The Clarks. They are nothing but good old fashion rock n roll. Check them out, they're on youtube.
  2. I dont really have an answer for your problem, but I've had my problem with finishes from Gibson custom shop also. I bought a 1960 Double Cutaway that was suppose to be in TV Yellow finish but when I got it, it was closer to a lime green color. The front of the guitar was a different shade of color than the back. It looked nothing like it did in any of the pictures and or the original TV yellow guitars of the 50's and 60's. It plays great tho, just doesn't look nice. Just thought I would share...
  3. dkbemb10

    SG '61 Reissue

    Please don't blast me for this... But I had the Gibson '61 Reissue for 6 months before selling it. I just didn't like it at all. Yes it's nice that it's incredibly light (unlike a Les Paul) but you pay a price. The guitar's tone was okay at best (unlike how great the les paul is) and the sustain was awful, probably because of how light the guitar was. I tried and tried for months to like it but just couldn't. I couldn't find anything the SG could do that the Les Paul or my ES-333 couldn't do better.
  4. Yeah, it's just one knob... If you pull it up you get a really authentic sounding single coil sound. It's not difficult to get used to either. I like to pull the knob up and use the single coil sound for rhythm and then push it down when it's time for lead and solos and go to town with the fat les paul sound
  5. I Like the MXR 108 Classic Fuzz but that's just me... Fender also made a decent Fuzz/wah pedal in one
  6. Honestly, I prefer the Les Paul Traditional Pro model. You can get that guitar in the same exact finish and get it brand new for $300 more... You should check them out. I don't know if I got extremely lucky with mine but mine has the most incredible sustain and tone. Notes ring out forever on mine. No lie, me and my buddy compared guitars sustain. He had a les paul standard and was running his guitar through a MXR dyna comp compressor pedal and my guitar still sustained for a second or two longer without running through any pedal. One other thing that I think are great with the traditional pro is that they are set up at the factory using a PLEK machine which perfectly lines up all the frets so you are guaranteed to get no fret buzz or no fretting out. I just think you'd be doing yourself a disservice if you didn't try one. I have 7 electric guitars and they're good guitars (USA Strat, 2 USA teles, Gibson custom shop DC, Gibson ES-333) and my traditional pro by FAR has the best tone, playability and sustain.
  7. Were the J-50 one of the nicer guitars of their time? I mean they weren't like a B-25 or an entry level Gibson guitar because if they were then I'm envious that people could get such a nice and well constructed guitar as an entry level in the 50's... This thing has tone and a tightness to it's sound that is to die for... It's really an exquisite guitar... That's why I was curious if this was one of the upper level guitars when it was made cause it's made and sounds amazing... Also one other quick question... I got a partial serial number... I can't make out the last digit or so... It's ( U 657 5 ) Do any of you guys know if this was made in Kalamazoo or Nashville???
  8. Here they are... Sorry I had to use a camera on my cell phone cause my digital camera is at my dorm... Hope these are pretty clear. My only questions is the cut that's along the neck on the last picture. If you can make it out... Is that a deep scratch or some kind of repair???
  9. Hey guys, just got a 1957 Gibson J-50 Acoustic. It's in nice shape for being so old and plays like a dream. I paid $2400 for it. Do you think that's a good deal or did I pay to much?
  10. I have a Gibson 1960 Les Paul Double Cutaway Reissue and it comes with a wraptail. My concern is that should it need intonated that I can't figure out how you would do it? I can already tell it's gonna need a slight neck adjustment so I'm sure that will screw up the intonation so I don't wanna do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  11. Guys I have a question and I'm sorry if this has already been asked but I couldn't find it. My question is I'm seriously considering getting the reissue of the Gibson 1960 Les Paul Double cutaway VOS in TV Yellow color. I've always like the TV Yellow finish but from all the pictures I can see on guitar center and musicians friend there's a major difference in color between the VOS versions and the NON VOS version. I understand that VOS means its suppose to look "worn in" and stuff but some pictures of the VOS version almost looks like a brown color? If you look at the pics on guitar center, each picture of the VOS makes it look a different color, so I'm afraid what color might show up. So to anyone here that has one. How close in finish color is the VOS to the non VOS TV Yellow? Is it just maybe the lighting they used for the pictures on the website? I'm just concerned cuz I want it to be TV Yellow color rather than some faded brown color... I didn't know if they used a different type of finish on the VOS to give it a worn in look that might have actually changed the color? Also to anyone who has or played one... Let me know what you think of them... I haven't got a chance to play one yet. I've just heard how good they sound on youtube vids and stuff... Thanks in advance for any help...
  12. The Rolling Stones - Get Your Ya-Ya's Out (LIVE) Or The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers It's hard to choose but anything stones for me
  13. Guys, I literally fell out of my chair and my stomach hurts from laughing. I feel bad for saying that and I know that every musician was bad when they first start playing but you should have the common sense to not post anything on the internet until you're a decent musician. And no, I don't think the bass player is wearing any pants. Maybe he's channeling his inner flea and wearing only a tube sock behind that bass like the red hot chili peppers use to do.
  14. Yeah that wasn't bad. Zeppelin isn't an easy band to cover. As for zeppelin covers, I'd certainly check out Stone Temple Pilots version of dancing days. It's excellent for those who haven't heard it.
  15. Given their length of time on the scene I would say The Rolling Stones. Yeah grant it, anything post the Mick Taylor era doesn't seem that great when compared to early stones or especially that amazing era from 1968 to 1972 but I will give you some amazing records post 1972 that if you compare to any music today it sounds amazing (Goats Head Soup, Some Girls, Tattoo You, Voodoo Lounge). I can't really defend Undercover but a band that puts out so many great albums deserves one "mistake".
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