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  1. You Should Upgrade to the Classi. Binding and the inlays are thing that you can't put in a Studio. If you dint like the ceramics pickups you can change them anytime. Does your Studio has BB Pro? I believe they come equiped with 490's
  2. Hello friends I recently got a great 2012 LP. I want to know if other owners had the same thing that I notice, when you tap the coils there is no significanly change on them. i have a PRS that everytime you tap the coils the change in sound is like earth and sky. Im a little disapointed with this from Gibson, otherwise the guitar is great.
  3. I agree with Charle and R9, try to use ebay in completed listing to see how much people are asking and how much people are willing to pay.
  4. it sure looks nice, like they were ment to be together
  5. Limited edition Classicd gold hardware 3 pickups 2002
  6. Limited edition Classicd gold hardware 3 pickups 2002
  7. Limited edition Classicd gold hardware 3 pickups 2002
  8. its not Steve Clark's guitar but my LP Classic looks a little like it.
  9. the 7 and the 8 are 1978 the 219 in the middle of 7 and 8 are aug 7 so your guitar is Aug 7 1978, the last three digists are number production
  10. I recently got this guitar, I want to know if you got any info on what it have, and possible value. I would say is on a 8.5/10 condition
  11. REAL Look at the neck binding, if it is under the frets its a fake, but if the bindingsis covering the frets its real
  12. Dio-bass

    coil tapping

    I'm not saying its easy, just saying that in order to split the pickups, you have to change them simple as that, by the way you dont have to touch the windings of the pickups, If you are not capable, take it to a pro
  13. Dio-bass

    coil tapping

    Try this: http://www.stewmac.com/shop/Electronics,_pickups/Components:_Switches_and_knobs/Free-Way_Pickup_Switch.html but you'll need to change the pickups to 4 way conductor
  14. definetly a faded, stret price is around 400.00 to 500.00
  15. I luvthe finish of my faded satin black. Its like something very different compare to other guitars
  16. good looking guitar, congrats on your new piece
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