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  1. Hello everyone, I just received my 1958 Les Paul reissue today from Sweetwater. This guitar is just awesome! But I just noticed it has coil taps. I called sweetwater and asked if it was ordered with any options and they said no. Was this a mistake on Gibsons part or am I no seeing where they say it has coil taps. If anyone has any info please let me know. I will be calling Gibson tomorrow to see what they know.
  2. I appreciate the offer but I am just fishing to see if this is a comon problem. I have replaced them with the 68 knobs. Thanks again for the offer.
  3. Well John I am not an expert but somethings don't look right. I would assume with the binding that the frets would be covered also. Low e tuner looks out of wack and the headstock just don't look right. Maybe he can provide you with a serial number and you can verify if before you pay. Good Luck
  4. What's expensive. I buy rockman stuff on e-bay alot. I never paid more than $150.00 for any thing wich might be high for some. If you get the sustainor and chorus/delay your 75% there. If you a two channel eq your even closer. I play thru a 1973 peavey musician 300 clean and add some reverb. If you want to see my eq settings I can send them to you.
  5. I bought a new 2009 Les paul custom. About 6 months later I noticed a crack on my bridge vol. knob. So I e-mailed Gibson and they said send them pictures. I sent them pictures and they sent me a new set about a month later. I guess no two sets are the same because I could feel a difference in the taper from the old set and the new. I put the new ones on and in about a month later my bridge tone knob had a small crack. I just want to say I am very gentle with my guitars. I know I might sound anal but after spending 3 grand on a guitar I don't want to have any problems. Let me know if you have experienced any problems like this???
  6. I believe this color started with the gem series but they ended in 1998. There has been a couple sites saying they used the left over color for later year studios.I have seen pictures of green w/gold hardware but never another one with nickel. The LP just looks so nice in this color. Too bad they don't offer it anymore. But like you said maybe we will have something rare one day???
  7. Thank you all. This guitar plays like a dream. It got me hooked on Les Pauls. So last year I bought a new LP custom in white. I favor the custom a little more but thats because I paid about 5 times more than I got the studio for. I wished they offerd the custom in green. Thanks rogerb I will e-mail the serial over.
  8. Thanks. I wish I could get the pictures to load.
  9. Hello. Could someone help me with some info. I have a 2001 LP studio in a transparent emerald green. I bought it used in 2003 off of ebay. I have only seen one other in this color but it had gold hardware and I can't find where Gibson offered this color in 2001. thanks Ed
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