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  1. SG --> DOD Juice Box --> Cornford amp The Cornford is set to crunch for rythm, which means I can clean up using the volume. The DOD is my secret weapons to fatten the sound / change EQ for solos - best DOD pedal ever made. Who needs 2 channels???
  2. There isn't a decent pub on Krypton and the soccer team s*cks...fortunately the chicks are rather nice but they pack a punch.
  3. Yep passive all the way...active is cold and rather one dimentional. My pick would be 1 bareknuckles miracle man, nailbomb or warpig in the bridge just as a try. Listen to the samples and your jaw will hit the floor. I personally go for lower output pickups these days as it allows to drive my amp harder and keeps clarity, after all Lamb of God use Duncan 59's, not exactly a metal pickups.
  4. olioli

    First SG

    I'd go with the standard, the quality is superior to the specials I tried and it looks like Angus' axe.
  5. Not bad not bad...but the whole concept would work so much better with the Explorer shape w/ split headstock...
  6. Sure that would not be easy to sell! But the ones I would love to see are: Black Beauty Explorer - Gloss Black finish - Split headstock - Body, neck and headstock binding - Ebony fretboard - Block inlays - Gold hardware and humbuckers (57 classics) - Black pickguard Contemporary V: - Smaller/Thinner body - 60's slim tapper neck - Neck through body for upper fret access - Cool fretboard inlays - No pickguard - Cool finishes that change depeding on the lights angle...and all starting with V (hehehehe) - Vandetta Red / Viper Green...
  7. I don't usually dig the faded finishes but this black SG is really nice! Reminds me of a Jackson DR3 I use to have in the 90's...
  8. Wait till you hear this one.... The Gibson Exploder! Explorer shaped guitar that detonates if you hit a bum note!
  9. Let's see the good side of things... That will give him some inspiration for a new song..."baaaaaaby baaaaaaaby baaaaaaby ouch!"
  10. I nearly spat my tea out when my daughter (only tiny) came back from a friend's and said: "You know dad, Mia's mommy said 2 girls can get married". When she asked me if this was true I had to tell her to go ask her mommy because she knew all about this! That's how I got in deep s**t.
  11. E minor, although not perfect it creates a bluesy/rock feel to the song.
  12. Well it didn't really happen But it should have given the size of the bill!
  13. tommy's best riff is yet to come....when his SG meets the face of Justin Bieber
  14. Well she got onstage at a UK subs gig a while ago and swapped T Shirt with Charlie the lead singer...so they were on display and got the audience approval! (she wears this very T shirt on the previous page).
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