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  1. This is certainly good to see, especially since there's currently no ES-330 in the new lineup. Love the Royal Tan, but I do prefer the hourglass headstock. No matter though. I'm not going to be in the market for one, already having two stellar 330s and a very nice Elitist Casino. Otherwise, my wheels would be on high-speed spin cycle!
  2. Hmm - My Gibson set was from 2014 & they were light Masterbuilt Premium 80-20s, gauges 12-53. Things have clearly changed!
  3. I love that bridge on a Dove! Back in the day, I had an early ‘70s double-X braced Dove with that bridge & it had a wonderful sound. I let it go in a fit of moving to smaller-bodied instruments, but remember it fondly. Also had the same bridge on a early ‘70s Heritage Custom with curlicue inlays.
  4. In my mind’s eye, every ‘68 Gibson acoustic in the catalog had a pickguard with screws - but there certainly could’ve been some overlap in construction details during the calendar year.
  5. I recall discussions here about who makes Gibson’s strings. Was it clearly established as being GHS? I had a left over case-candy set of 80-20s from a new Gibson purchase. Popped them on a guitar for an experiment & ended up liking them a lot!
  6. Yes, I was quite pleased to see the Excellente in particular, and there apparently will be a USA-made Casino, which helps make up for the lack of an ES-330 in the current lineup. Oh, and then there’s the USA-made Texan. Lots of good stuff happening at Gibson!
  7. Haven't seen one of those - very nice! Congrats & Enjoy!
  8. It strikes me as similar to a VOS, too, and I’ve never found the VOS treatment appealing on a sunburst finish - just sort of dull & lifeless. However, it works to perfection with a natural finish - imho.
  9. A return to the use of ebony vs the Richlite era? Nice.
  10. Shades of the 1970s Epiphone-Japan bolt-on necks!
  11. bobouz


    Seeing as I’m partial to maple acoustics & the DIF is one of the few square-shouldered models I like, I’d very seriously consider it. Two very different guitars, but fun to ponder.
  12. bobouz


    Jim is correct, that’s where you should find it - but sometimes the ink can be almost totally faded out.
  13. Apparently some very nice stuff coming out. Thankfully, my current collection covers the bases quite well & GAS ⛽️ is in remission!
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