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  1. Ah, I see that this format is working - great!

  2. Red - Wanted to add: This new format w/character limitation is strange to me, and I hope you're getting this. Please let me know if these are coming through. Will add that the guitar in question was a 2011 GC limited run. Mine is red, with an ebony fingerboard & tulip locking Grovers. The neck is a fast '60s profile. Gloss top, b&s are a very smooth satin finish. Nicely e...

  3. Hi Red - I'll try to be concise about this! First of all, I'm a one trick fingerpicking pony, and the electric tone I'm after would be closest to Merle Travis' heyday & electric solo album, "The Merle Travis Guitar." To that end, the ES-335 w/P90s delivers it extremely well. It's a slightly drier & more percussive tone compared to a 330. Neither are m...

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