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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for help for my Gibson DF.

    Do not hesitate to come back to me to exchange.


  2. The asking price is usually a dead give-away: if it's lower than market, it's likely a fake. What is the asking price?
  3. I think LPguitarman found the issue: it's pretty easy to accidentally engage the FX loop on the back. You could recreate the issue intentionally at home.
  4. I'm surprised the cavity spray worked. Shielding the electronic and pickup cavities is very effective against hum pickup, but I've not experienced any static reduction as a result. The static electricity tends to build up on the pickguard and the body because the finish is non-conductive. Dryer sheets have a small amount of hydrophilic grease (aka "fabric softener") that conducts electricity very well. On a Les Paul, the static needs to be dissipated to ground via a metallic connection to the pickguard and/or body finish. Usually the bridge/tailpiece/pots/switch provide a good enough cont
  5. Following in Steve Hackett's footsteps, I'm thinking of installing a Fernandes Sustainer on an Alex Lifeson 40th Anniversary Axcess. This involves replacing one of the tone controls with a switch and adding a second switch next to it on the front. Not a reversible mod, so what do you think? Will this devaluate the guitar? I don't know yet if I'd keep it forever, so resale would be a possibility. Thanks!
  6. I can't emphasize capmaster's point enough: Linseed oil is a finish and is permanent. I do not recommend it for that reason, unless you're a guitar builder and you want that finished fret board look. Mineral (lemon) oil is the correct choice to use as a fret board conditioner. Virtually all great conditioners (e.g. Dr. Duck's Axe Wax - no wax in this product) are based on this. It keeps the wood properly moisturized and darkens it as well. Whatever you choose, do not use any product with silicones or wax!
  7. You've got enough pedals there to create a big mess..... A couple of recommendations: move the wah and fuzz to the front of the chain (my preference is wah>fuzz, but the other way around works as well). Keep all modulation at the end, so move the chorus in front of the echo.
  8. I doubt the bridge or wrapping will make a difference.
  9. Bad news, guys: All the media you use today (hard drives, flash memory, DVD, CD, BluRay) will be obsolete faster than you can blink. Your kids won't be able to read them in 20 years. It's totally irrelevant whether your archival CD will last 100 years or not. Why? Just try reading a 5 1/4" floppy disk from the 80's. The problem is that the hardware and software necessary will be long gone or in museums. The same goes for current storage media. The only good answer is to create physical products (books, photos, paintings, etc.). I'm afraid we're in trouble with music and video
  10. As long as they don't go out of business!
  11. Someone forgot to take their meds......
  12. He plays some late 90's LP Standards; that could be one of them.
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