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  1. Hey, Just for fun I am going to start posting some how to videos on Youtube about how to play and sing with your guitar for beginners and intermediate players. I have spent a lot of years making all the mistakes and want to help others by posting and showing some of the "Ahh-Haa" lessons I have learned. In this one I am playing my Gibson J-35 that I love! Please if you have a chance watch it and let me know what you think? This one is the first in a four part series I plan on uploading in the next couple weeks. Ep 1 Singing basic guitar scales Ep 2 Moving and singing the scales up and down the fret board Ep 3 Singing vowel sounds with scales Ep 4 Using these exercises to increase your musicality
  2. Why does everyone feel the need to apologize when they get a great new guitar that makes them happy, but .... oh no.... it's not a Gibson? I love my Gibson Acoustics... and my Martins! It is just the guitar that speaks to you right now... and for a long time that earns a place in your heart. Love them all! In the end.... it is what, how, where, and with who you play and make memories with that matters. (By the way... beautiful guitar) please make many, many memories with it!
  3. Been such a long time since I have been to the old Gibby Forum. I changed jobs about 9 years ago and simply haven't had time like I used to to chat on the forums. Good to see my pinned post about Strings - Nut - Saddle - Pins - They are essential to TONE! is still there!! wow!! I'm still playing and wanted to share my version of Doc Watson - Greenville Trestle. Please like and subscribe my YouTube channel ...I'm am trying to get a few subscribers since I am trying to record and post more these days. Sorry about the thumbnail for the video...that was the best option YouTube gave me....do they deliberately chose the worst thumbnails for your video hoping it will make you pay for a premium account?
  4. Thanks so much for watching! Yes that is the Ditson 111 and it is a real cannon which seems to contradict the 12 fret slot head look. This is by far the best guitar I have ever played and while sweet and smooth it is really loud also. I don't really play live...only acoustic with a few friends so I haven't used this set up as a stage set up. I am really happy with it for recording...has a fairly natural sound.
  5. I have been working on recording lately. I used to mic the guitar, plug the guitar into the recorder and use a vocal mic all up close to the source. Lately though I have been trying for more natural sounding recordings with more openness and space. So I have switched to just a large condenser mic up head high for vocal and one lower for guitar, both about 2 feet away from the source. I am liking the results better. Less control of bleed and volumes so it needs to be set up right up front. Oh well here is "The Train Carrying Jimmie Rogers Home". It is a Greg Brown song I learned from my friend and longtime Gibson Forum member Pschaafs before he passed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qMp5J8Js0k
  6. yes I am stalking you ... LOL !!

  7. you stalking me ? :)

  8. I still believe it is possible to tune the sound of a guitar using different saddles, pins, strings, and nut. My J-35 has been awesome sound-wise but so bright and loud. After having tried bone bridge pins instead of the factory plastic pins I recently swapped in some Ebony pins. Bingo! found just the right combination to give me the sound with this guitar I have been craving. Simply thinking about the materials we use, their innate characteristics and properties and what we want to try and do to the tone of a guitar. Bone pins were too bright and the Ebony sweetened the tone a little to make for the sound I wanted. Great fun to try all the different materials and find the combo that works... I highly recommend experimenting.
  9. Thanks Dan you made my day with your generous compliment!
  10. My Version of Justin Townes Earl - Harlem River Blues. When the forum guys that I get together with -- Tennroots and pschaafs -- jam...Tennroots does a KILLER mandolin break on this song and pschaafs sings harmony....we need to record this together. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yNqQ66CAgA
  11. I disagree with this statement. Even people who spend thousands of dollars on the perfect audiophile grade stereo systems will still adjust EQ to suit their ears. Your statement is like saying that if a person buys a guitar and needs the action adjusted to suit their playing style, they must have bought the wrong guitar. Every ones singing voice, picking attack, music style and desired tone is different and dialing in the guitar tone to best compliment is a very subtle and personal thing. GuitarLights post is a perfect example of how a treasured guitar can and should be adjusted using all the tools at ones disposal such as: strings, picks, attack, nut/saddle/pins material, set-up etc so that the tone fits the owners ideals. (even if it means that the original plastic pins are the answer)
  12. WOW....just checked and I have been here since 2007. I used to post a lot more until early last year my employer closed our site and canned everyone. I am now working nearly 60 hours a week at a new job (glad to have a job these days) and don't get a chance to post much. I still lurk and make a few posts though! I love my CJ-165. After having it and playing it the last few years it has really opened up and become a small cannon. Great for strumming and has become the go to guitar for jamming with the guys. I live in Foresthill CA which is near Auburn and Sacramento and get together and jam with Tennroots and pschaafs who also live nearby.
  13. I did the same to my 000-28EC and agree it improved tone and string to string clarity. I personally sanded my pins so they sit down ..I don't like the looks of the standing way up pins like Martin does them OEM. Congrats on your "modifications" !!
  14. Hey Classic ...glad you had a nice big gulp of the grape Kool-Aid !! I just recently acquired a Martin 000-28EC (which is possibly the best guitar I have ever played) and ordered the bone pins with 4mm Ebony inlays from Bob Colosi and not only do the pins look really classy, but made a superb guitar even better. I think considering how low cost and reversible bone pins saddle etc is ....it is well worth trying.
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