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  1. +1 on these....so clean, simple and an elegant solution. Along with being very inexpensive. I have these on all my guitars and much prefer the balance of the instrument with the strap going to the headstock, the guitar just hangs better.
  2. Thanks so much for watching! Yes that is the Ditson 111 and it is a real cannon which seems to contradict the 12 fret slot head look. This is by far the best guitar I have ever played and while sweet and smooth it is really loud also. I don't really play live...only acoustic with a few friends so I haven't used this set up as a stage set up. I am really happy with it for recording...has a fairly natural sound.
  3. I have been working on recording lately. I used to mic the guitar, plug the guitar into the recorder and use a vocal mic all up close to the source. Lately though I have been trying for more natural sounding recordings with more openness and space. So I have switched to just a large condenser mic up head high for vocal and one lower for guitar, both about 2 feet away from the source. I am liking the results better. Less control of bleed and volumes so it needs to be set up right up front. Oh well here is "The Train Carrying Jimmie Rogers Home". It is a Greg Brown song I learned from my friend and longtime Gibson Forum member Pschaafs before he passed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6qMp5J8Js0k
  4. I swapped out the pickup on my CJ165 with a K&K. I am very happy. K&K pups sound very natural. I wouldn't suggest putting 2 different pups in an acoustic guitar unless it was a designed dual system. The pre amp needs for the K&K depends on your amp and how it sounds. Try it without and see if you are happy.... if not there are tons of pre amps available. I use a Baggs para DI box and love the sound.
  5. Just my suggestion but I have a Fishman Loudbox 100 and never really cared for the sound. UNTIL I recently got an LR Baggs Para DI.....Now I can't believe how good it sounds. Set the amp to neutral and use the DI box to get the sound I want. Can't recommend a good DI box enough.
  6. Yes....for one guitar hand winding is fine....some of us have "a few" guitars and the hand stress when changing strings on a few guitars in an afternoon can hurt. I unfortunately did put a couple circles on a guitar before putting some dense foam into the winder so it was the right depth. Live and learn... but hey there are instruments not museum pieces. The more you use them the more banged up they get.
  7. Strings are like dogs to me...and I like middle age dogs the best Brand new strings are like puppies...sharp teeth, no manners and loud. Old strings are like ancient hound dogs...sleepy, lazy and don't bother to come when called. But dogs that have been around a while are in the prime of life, loyal and the best of companions! Sorry cat people.....only strings that I am playing sound like cats getting a bath.... :o
  8. I have been using these for a couple years and they are pretty secure...I get them for about $5 a piece and they are easy and quick to take the strap on / off and since they are plastic they won't drain your PUP battery. strap jack Elderly has them also: Elderly Instruments
  9. I have gotten a chance to play OWF's L-20 (it was a few years ago but from what I remember) compared to my CJ-165 the L-20 has a bit more bass because it has a deeper body. It also has an older more woody tone while my CJ has a slightly more modern tone. Wily's L-20 sounds like a Gibson from the 30's or 40's to my ear. I would assume these newer re-issues would also have that sort of sound.
  10. That picture is from frets.com page in the string changing section. It's a picture that has always cracked me up. They say it was really brought in like that by a customer. Definitely a total fail.
  11. Yah....good advice ...here is what happened the other nite...I was HAMMERED and decided to put on some new strings...
  12. Chord and lyric sheets are a crutch, but without them in front of me I am more nervous and forget things more often. It is something I am working on. I have really only been playing for about 6 years so I don't have those songs I have played for 20+ years. How long did it take for y'all to get away from needing sheets in front of you? I currently make it a point to only look when I have to....and that is getting to be less often, but it feels like I will never get away from needing the security blanket.
  13. It is with a heavy heart, and not just a few tears, that I am posting to let the forum know that Peter - pschaafs - passed away yesterday. I found out from his Wife this morning. He only found out that he had cancer at the end of May!! She said he passed peacefully at home surrounded by family. It is wonderful that he went peacefully with loved ones there for him, this just should have been 20+ years from now and not when he was still so young and vital. I met both Peter and Tennroots on this Forum and along with another friend we have been very happily getting together and jamming at least once a week for the last 3 1/2 years. Peter was a good friend, a good player and he taught me a lot about making music. He helped me build confidence and gave me some much needed suggestions on how I could improve. He was a blast to talk to and loved guitars, music and of course good beer. I am sitting here with one of his favorite beers -- Lagunitas Lil Sumpthin Sumpthin. "Cheers to you my good friend!!" He had a bit of a devilish sense of humor and when we all got together each week there was laughter, beer, music, fun, and such a love of making music. Our Thursday jams were always the highlight of my week! I don't think there is more that I can say other than Peter will be sorely missed. He made a huge impact on my life and every time I play guitar or sing a song I will always think of him. I’ll soon be free from every trial This form shall rest beneath the sod I’ll drop the cross of self-denial And enter in that home with God
  14. She looks like she has a lot of music left in her....glad to see people discard the name brand high dollar status symbols and find beautiful old guitars that have a lot of life still to go with just a little help from a good repair person..
  15. I think OWF has hit on just one of the reasons the vintage and even used guitar markets are so soft these days... 6-7 years ago any POS vintage guitar would sell for thousands and guys would brag about their $20K commissioned custom well know Luthier guitars...well people have now realized a little regarding the value of money and we no longer are impressed with someone shelling our thousands and even tens of thousands on vintage and high end custom small maker guitars. Now when AGF posters brag about spending $10K or $20K on custom or vintage instruments ...these days those guys just look like fools...
  16. haha ! yah then a few days ago I picked up a guitar after a set up and the Luthier sat down and was watching me try out the newly set up guitar and I got so nervous I strummed a few chords and told him it sounded great. Dohhhhh!!! What is wrong with me???
  17. Yes... I have really gotten into amplifying myself. PLAY IT LOUD....PLAY IT PROUD Many Friday / Sat nights I turn up the volume, play guitar through an amp and sing with mic and PA. Not only can you really hear yourself, but it also gets you over that old shyness that causes so many players to play softly and tentatively. Especially with singing since most of what you hear of yourself singing is the reverberations going through your head. Especially me since my head is mostly hollow Of course, there is also singing and playing guitar in a very reflective room like a bathroom along with singing outside where you can't hear your own voice at all. Gotta mix it up!
  18. More congratulations going your way. I love mine
  19. My J-35 is bright and loud. Which is what I wanted when I bought it so I can be heard when playing with friends. I did try bone pins and it I felt it added a touch of harshness to the sound. I then tried some ebony pins and feel they gave the guitar a beautiful tone. Not sure if they reduced the volume but my J-35 has plenty of volume so the richer tone of the ebony pins is worth it. I think these tonal changes from pins saddles etc are very much different from guitar to guitar and player to player so try it for yourself and see what you like.
  20. I wouldn't kick Kacey Musgraves outta my bed for eating crackers.... She has some good songs too....
  21. nodehopper


    I LOVE the color of the mahogany on my J-35.
  22. Wouldn't this technique also yellow the white binding on sides and fretboard?
  23. Sad news indeed ...only time and keeping the good memories close will ease the family's pain.
  24. yes I am stalking you ... LOL !!

  25. While on this subject ... and another warning to the OP....(as if he isn't already paranoid enough). Clip on tuners...the little rubber pads that protect your guitar can, if left on long enough, damage the finish when the chemicals in the rubber pad reacts. My CJ-165 has three little lines ||| that look just like the pattern on the pad of my Snark tuner on exactly the same spot on the headstock where I clip it. I believe one night when falling asleep playing guitar, I hung it on my wall hanger and went to bed and a couple days later when I grabbed the guitar and took off the tuner there it was. Tune and take it off.
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