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  1. We're all starving for good news - and you sure rang the bell ! Nice to know Live Music is coming back. Thanks.
  2. Small price to pay to be able to play. Very impressive- you may have found a new hobby. Or a new sideline. Now I understand why luthiers do not want to waste their time and skills on guitars that are beaters or just a little better. Congrats.
  3. And some people have big hands. But for me, I prefer the old ā€œCā€ shape on the wide side. Hand cramps less. ymmv.
  4. Spent about 5 hours cleaning wife's Tribeca and my Taurus. Mostly shampooing carpets for first time on these 9 year old 'classics'. After I came in, I realized my apple watch battery had run down, so I didn't get any credit for the 'move' or 'exercise' stats. Ready to chuck it and go back to my self-winding Seiko. I always get 'credit' on that one !
  5. SummerIsle - if you're 'vintage', I guess I'm 'antique'. ! My first guitar was $25 in the early '60s - Stella. First song I taught myself was the Theme from the Ponderosa tv show. Using only one string, I realized I would soon be great if I could tap into the other 5. My interest for that guitar was whetted years earlier when my parents got me a ukulele. It had a molded plastic fretboard. I wore the frets down flat. But, I at least learned how to tune it by ear - fortunately, since that's how I tuned guitars for the next few decades. Wore the stain off the fretboard of that Stella, but the frets were still good when I fave it away. Good Times.
  6. It sure is a good copy. But the dead give-away is the three screws instead of two in the truss rod cover.
  7. If the neck were any thinner, it would be a mandolin.
  8. Thanks Jaxson. Let's move on.
  9. McC, You've probably seen it - but a previous post from SalChatham on page 2 provides some good info on neck shapes. Sal titled it 'Neck Shapes'. Who'd a Thunk? https://forum.gibson.com/topic/158079-neck-shapes/
  10. Bill, I will take your advice to heart. From here on out I will do just that. Not - 'block' him. It's against my nature. Just "pay no attention to...". As you said earlier "do not feed.." Thanks, Jim
  11. Bill, Sarge posted this over on the Acoustic Forum a couple of hours ago: "Why do you guys even bother posting vids of any guitar up against a Gibson? On this forum who's going to win? It does not matter if the Gibson sounds like a fart coming out of my @ss, the Gibson is going to win with you guys and girls." At least Sarge didn't pull out the big guns - sandpaper! Thought this would provide you with some context - in case you only stay on 'the electric side of the house'. This is why some folks get tired of his negativity. He doesn't own a Gibson Acoustic, by the way. At least that's what he's posted. Who knows.
  12. Here for 6 months and already 400 'Likes' - yet 3/4 of what you post is negative. Wow. And the rest is like your opening post here - "I can't go to a concert, poor me." Then when someone suggests it's a First World Problem - you immediately attack his Nationality. Neither JVI, nor his nationality should be denigrated. Ever hear the term "Race, Color, NATIONAL ORIGIN, Sex, Religion or Age." ? You mention Boot Camp and being a Navy veteran (E-8?) often. Didn't you also mention you drove another member away - whose sign on was .... "NAVYVET"? When I was in the Navy - we looked forward to Canadian Navy visits, because they knew how to drink beer. And hold it without getting ugly. We also didn't have pistols or rifles in Boot Camp. Funny. We have enough divisiveness all over - you are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Pick one.
  13. Wowsers! Don't know which I liked more - the guitar or the playing. Top Flight!
  14. From what I gather, you didn't buy this H'Bird new in 2013 seven years ago. So, when you bought it Used - did it have these problems? I assume so, because you state 'From the off I noticed the action was quite high'. Maybe previous owner didn't take care of it - kept it in his trunk! (Boot?) You also state new strings are more dull and started to buzz. Buzzing with high action - maybe it is cursed ! As you know, there are specific 'standards' for string clearance per Gibson. Both the Gibson shop and your luthier should not have returned the guitar to you until they either adjusted it to those specifications or told you why they couldn't (neck reset, etc.). You don't mention either shop tweaking the torque nut. Did they? Since you brought it to them because of high action - they should have measured the action after they corrected it and provided you with a written confirmation of the height of the strings. As far as the pickguard - the Gibson authorized shop may have just stuck a small piece of double sided tape under it. That won't work in half the cases. Since it didn't - it needs to be removed completely and straightened and re-glued. It's not rocket science if that is what these shops are in business for. Not sure how long you've had this H'bird, or if the tone is good - but I'm glad your giving it 6 months. G'Luck.
  15. Didn't want to attempt to add anything without understanding a little about your climate. Seems to be one of the most 'diverse' in the world. Mostly dry except around the Andes. But can get very cold and very warm. If you have a central heating/air conditioning system in your home - that will significantly cut down the humidity. I would be sure I had a reliable hydrometer in the room where you keep your guitar. You don't want to dry it out more than necessary. I keep mine out of their cases and just make sure the room stays between 40% and 60%. If the central air and heat can't keep it within that range, I use a small room humidifier of portable heater for a few hours to adjust it, with the doors closed. As you can see, many others feel it's important to stay right around 50% and keep your guitar in the case. G'Luck, and Congrats on your brand new Gibson.
  16. A member for 6 month and nearly 400 "Likes". I'll have to start bashing Gibson more.
  17. Sarge was being Sarcastic. He was attempting to make it seem like this is a common Gibson problem. The OP has had several high end guitars, he probably is experienced and knowledgeable enough to know he should contact the dealer who sold and sent him an unplayable guitar.
  18. Really nice all round. Can see why Rolling Stone ranked him so highly. Great lyrics on a great, difficult subject. Gets your undivided attention with the very first line. And - I really loved the J-45 tuned down a step. That's how I keep my J45C Koa. Nice to hear a pro picking a slightly different variation. of the fifty or so J45s out there, past and present. Hope Sgt.Pepper drops by. Next to Jennifer Aniston, he is most in love with discussions of J45s here on the Acoustic Forum.
  19. My H'Bird TV is way louder than my SJ-200. Both with Martin XP lights.
  20. No cases, deaths, or recovered in my subdivision, family or circle of friends.
  21. Similar to my early years. My father - US Army, was in every country in Europe as SSgt. One uncle - Infantry ground pounder in Europe as well. One uncle POW shot down and wounded also in Europe. The three would occasionally get together over a few beers in Brooklyn. We cousins didn't eavesdrop. One more uncle - PFC, wounded in Saipan. Died in a hospital in Hawaii. We owe them more than words can ever express.
  22. Sounds like you bought it at a retail guitar shop. They should have looked at the action before selling it. It is clearly too high. I'd get there tomorrow, and have something with you to measure it with, compared to the action on your comfortable Fender. You can get a 'feeler gage' for measuring spark plugs at a Walmart, etc. If NEW, new - it is under warranty. And, the shop should have at least a 3 day return policy - if they can't fix it for you whilst you wait. Gibson, and others, set their action a little high at the factory because it' easier to lower than raise. With a truss rod adjustment. But, as Jedzep just noted - it might not be the truss rod/bow in the neck, but the whether the factory set neck angle in total is 100% kosher. If they had any other J45s - compare the string height (relief). For that matter, with feeler gage in hand, compare it to a comfortable Martin or Taylor there and suggest the store tech duplicate that height. Do not let them shave anything off the bottom of the saddle. That will lower the string height, but it will just be kicking the can down the road, masking a badly set neck. Good Luck - get there tomorrow ! A four hour car ride is worth avoiding warranty issues.
  23. The face of tyranny. Starts with your balls, then it gets personal.
  24. They look like they have metal rivets holding the fabric onto the leather end tab - that would rub up against the wood by the endpin. And metal buckles. But, yes, the weave patterns are very nice.
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