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  1. MPH, Sorry if the two comments I directed to you were not helpful. The one you actually chose to reference was directed to WhiteFang and not you - and only meant to point out that this forum probably gets a disproportionate number of queries and complaints compared to the number of guitars Bozeman ships. Sorry I wasn't more clear. If I thought your original question was scurrilous I would have either not tried to help at all or would have said so directly to you. Have a nice day. Oh, And, your welcome - I just gave you your first "LIKE" emoji.
  2. Yep. You nailed it Chief. "Bated" is derived from "Abated". As in "holding your breath". Baited breath is fishy. Was an English major for 3 semesters, then switched. Didn't think it would get me any real jobs.
  3. The True Vintage line was discontinued, I'm guessing, at least 5 years ago. And the new model line with the word 'vintage' is an upgrade. So, with inflation and model lines changing quite a bit since you got your TV, it would be difficult to exactly match what you had. The SC CW is certainly a great guitar. I have an HBird TV and can feel your pain.
  4. Issues probably less than 2% of all the guitars shipped. And we probably see 20% of all the complaints here. A recent one asked "Does Gibson Customer Service read these comments" ?
  5. WAITING with abated breath... or in Sgt. Pepper's case - bait breath....
  6. MPH, Don't know where you live - but if I were me, I'd be hesitant packing and sending it back for what is really a very easy fix. Sad that it is a Warranty Replacement and not 100%. You say you've been working on this since June - also sad. I would get a hold of Bozeman's customer service, possibly someone you've communicated with on getting this replacement. I would strongly suggest they locate an authorized luthier within your driving range and schedule a time where you can go in, hand it over and wait until they put in the little silly putty dots and hit it for 5 seconds with a hair dryer. Maybe you'll have a choice of colors. As Henry Ford said of the Model T : as long as it's BLACK !
  7. Maybe has something to do with whether you bought one guitar from them or a hundred. Or, as you wrote 3 weeks ago: "This is what I would expect. I've worked at companies where the dealers and biggest customers had direct access to insiders and amazing service, and retail customers led a perilous existence."
  8. Guitar makers are constantly making changes to their products, it would be a stretch to expect string makers to not adapt to supply chain issues, materials shortages and offshore dependence. 😁
  9. The Kalamazoo Gals are smiling tonight. One of their contributions has made it through to another century. "Riding With Private Malone"
  10. Carol, We hope your photo-shoot goes well. Thank you for initially thinking of using a Gibson. Obviously someone here has good taste. And based on your work on your website - class.
  11. Note To Self: Never buy a used guitar from Danish Pete. (and the only blemish - the scratched, scuffed, chipped and dented spot from the screw under the pick guard - is now worse) It's hard getting Good Advice on the Internet. Harder on Social Media.
  12. Not into ergonomics - but it would seem that the lower you bend over, the lower the guitar will go down. Mr. RS looks like his is around his knees. But, somehow, his fretting hand looks OK. Can't tell if his wrist is at a 90' angle... but I guess he knows what he's doing ! Thanks for the pic - gives me hope.
  13. Yeppers. Reminds me of a W.C.Fields quote: "Women are like elephants. I like to look at them, but never want to own one." Taylors have always been too trebbly (tip of the hat to Sgt.Pepper) for me. Now, that begs the question: "If Taylor were to 're-imagine' a line and call it "New Generation" and it sounded identical to a J-45 ... who would buy one? Would you be subscribing to the marketing spiel that "Taylor has invented something new under the sun!" like Gibson has here with their sound port? For me - Taylor has established their niche based on an 'overly trebbly' sound which, not wishing to raise my Debt Ceiling- would mean I'd never buy one. In my family - as their one and only guitars - daughter in law has a Taylor (Swift) and even my daughter has one (all Koa). And her husband's is a Martin. We simply don't talk about "Whose guitar is best?" over Family Dinners. Just politics - much less volatile.
  14. The promise of an acoustic pearl, turns out to be so orchestrated, you can't hear the J-45. Still, a good video. Makes for some soul-searching if you are as old as these 2 duffers.
  15. "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" AKA "Whirled Peas". This topic is sort of a Sleeper - on the surface, a simple question - harmless intent... Guitar Lovers Untie! Let your hare down and tell us you deepest, darkest thoughts about what you like least about a brand, any brand. If Gibson had never existed - every single one of us here would be playing something else and just as happy as pigs in shyte. Probably Martins. Chief Pepper would be playing Taylors and ragging on us daily. "It's all good."
  16. TPB, That may be the most impressive looking guitar I've ever seen. I'll bet it sounds even better ! Congrats on your NGD, when it comes. I guess you mostly have OGDs. !
  17. Wow ! That is a really impressive way to spend time. Congrats!
  18. The checking is probably due to the fact that the liquid that came out of the can was colder than 'ice cold'. I doubt it will go away with any type of polishing. The stain ... I'm guessing the same thing, cold plus whatever the liquid contained chemically. Lots of chemicals can mess up nitro - melt it, stain it or craze it. Let us know if the Virtuoso works, or if anything else does. So we can add it to our forum's accumulated knowledge of 'how to fix things that go wrong'. G'Luck !
  19. Have never owned an electric or a Martin. I've led a very sheltered life. Sort of like Sarge.
  20. Found out our son has an ankle monitor.
  21. Welcome Aboard SG ... you might want to copy/paste this on the Acoustic sub-forum here as well. More likely to get some good input. My LG1 was nearly 20 years younger than yours and I gave it to my son 10 years ago. Other than that ....
  22. Tman, I seem to remember your writing about that here. It's great to know you are getting back to normal. I cannot imagine losing everything in a fire. Hope you will continue to move forward. I guess when we get to a point where we are 'happy' or at least at peace - we are able to enjoy playing. Sounds like you are there ! Home !
  23. When the student is ready - the teacher will appear ! Yep. That was my relationship with mine. Sort of the guitar version of "My First Love", I've never 'bonded' with another guitar in the same way. Thanks for the memory!
  24. Sounds like he's takin the view that the best defense is a good offense. That's how these folks roll - step on your toes and blame you for putting your foot under theirs. You have to step back, take a breath and realize their ego is writing checks their brains can't cash. Then, you can turn away and forget him. Great practice - because there's lots of axe holds like that out there. If cats and dogs can get along - we can get along with people like that. By making our point, but not being trapped into an escalating argument. Because that's what they want - feeds their ego's need for 'conflict and drama'. 😁
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