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  1. Was disturbed to hear a slight, raspy rattle in my SJ200 a couple of years ago. Shook it some more - a dead June Bug fell out. Probably chased in there by a spider. Running from a rattler.
  2. Even Dr. Pepper knows the SJ (Southern Jumbo) is a J45.
  3. Woody Guthrie would be in the Top Ten - if you want to go back that far. But, based on your nom de plume, I'm guessing you knew that.
  4. C, Welcome and Congrats! Some of the better known models are what they are today because they gained a toe hold decades ago at periods when the guitar market experienced groundswells of people buying and playing guitars. The Hummingbird is a good example. Like the automobile - after the market became defined and solidified, there were only a few makers and each only had a few models. There was a quote, true or not, attributed to Henry Ford's Model T - "You can have any color you want as long as it's black." years ago, With changes in manufacturing processes and marketing it became
  5. OK Pinch - here goes. I think I might get banned for this. No, not 'BANNED". Just relegated to some dusty library shelf. Case history shows that, just like it does not protect 'defamation', the 1st Amendment does not protect 'obscenity'. Though, I suppose if you intentionally mis-spell word the 'f word' and use **** it's probably not obscenity. You might not sell as many as Dr. Seuss though. Despite your catchy title, it would not be as titillating as "If I Ran The Zoo". First Amendment cases ruled on by SCOTUS include Polygamy, Flag Burning, Publishing government 'secre
  6. SBP - very impressive: classy, classic, iconic even !
  7. I think the therapists are all booked into next year. We're going to have to take up Goat Yoga.
  8. So, we should only ban "inappropriate' books if they are reading material for second graders? School Districts have banned "To Kill A Mockingbird" and "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn". Those aren't assigned to second graders. One might argue they aren't offensive either. (Burbank CA School District, Newsweek, ABC, LAtimes, Yahoo).
  9. Our 12 y/o Lab had a stroke earlier this year. Stopped eating. Vet confirmed he could not live any form of a decent life - I sat with him. Could barely see with the tears in my eyes to find my way to the car where my wife sat crying. Four days later, our 9 y/o German Shepard started passing blood and stopped eating and drinking. Different vet - an ER Vet. Said we shouldn't even think about bringing her back home because she was going to start suffering bad quickly. Cancerous tumor on the spleen burst. I stayed with her too. It makes you numb. Easily the worst week of my life.
  10. I think we're exempted from Lent once we get to our age.
  11. In your link, the statement from the school district does not deny putting pressure on Dr. Seuss Enterprises, they only state that they haven't banned his books. For the 3rd time - I wrote that a VA school system pressured, not that they banned. The article I read (see first link below) states Dr. Seuss Enterprises was reacting based on pressure from various educators and activists. Though the article does not specifically mention them it does contain a link to the Loudoun School District's statement of denial. In their statement, they are claiming they are being accused of BANNING
  12. There actually was a fourth time - I just let my ego take hold and keep me from putting a heart on your post. I think it was when you said "Try them before you buy them." But I assumed you were talking about strippers and not guitars.
  13. Read somewhere guitar techs cleaning up gunky fretboards will use super fine steel wool. So, I think an only 95% cotton cloth would be ok - probably better than 100% . That said, I only use flannel on my guitars. What'd I do today? well, yesterday - I held a 'field day' on my banjo - metal polish imbued cloth on the chrome parts: getting under the brackets, etc. Might have brushed up against the maple rim a few hundred times - but I'm sure it's OK.
  14. I agree. I sort of prefer companies and organizations that don't scour Social Media for direction in how to run their business. They tend to be the same ones that fold to Cancel Culture.
  15. I think, if I ever played/won the lottery, that 'Vette would be The One I'd look for. Not take it out on slushy, salty roads in Central Mass, where we use to live. More of those classics probably died of black ice syndrome. The ones with 427s and 454s tended to not make it to old age - too fast for the average driver! My friends brother had a mid-60s one with those coves. And the local Chevy dealership had them lined up out front. Different colors - looked like Matchbox toys. Later, with eyes bigger than my wallet - I bought a 15 year old '75 StingRay for $5K . I spent that muc
  16. Really. isn't the Internet wonderful !?
  17. Again, the people who own the rights to Dr. Seuss books were pressured by a VA school district to stop publishing them. You brought up the NEA and libraries for some reason. This is like banning To Kill A Mockingbird. Yeah, I know. It’s still in the library. Slap a Jap may make you feel uncomfortable., but I can assure you when this poster was penned in the early β€˜40s the Japanese were making half the world feel uncomfortable. They had a right to be angry after Pearl Harbor, war crimes and depredations as bad as those taking place at the same time under the Germans. To suggest Dr. Seus
  18. A Virginia School System pressured the owners of Dr. Seuss to stop publishing several of his books. How does that fit into the world being on track to be smarter? (I'm flattered in a scary way you remember that I have a business degree. )
  19. Safer is not a 'relative concept'. Whether it is tap water, vaccines or firearms. And, it has been demonstrated that oil pipelines are safer and 'greener'. You are conveniently ignoring the carbons spewed by those millions of truck and trains.
  20. Math is fixing to be overhauled again - and is going to be taught differently in the coming years. Bill Gates donated $1M to a California organization of educators who are focused on throwing out all current notions of math as anyone on the planet currently understands it. The new way will be based on the premise that math should not be 'all about getting the right answer'. It should consider equally - culture and lifestyles of the under-served. I guess the 'new way' was just a stepping stone to the final solution. Blazing Fast Chrome Books aren't going to do much good if the pr
  21. Welcome. I'm sure we all appreciate your First Post on this 'timeless issue'. I must confess I am unclear on what your point it though. While I'm sure it would be interesting - I'm not going to click on your blog/link to try to figure it out. We're all friendly here, so 'out with it' - Do you feel OR public education is better - or worse- today than it was 7 years ago when the OP started this thread? I'll add my own anecdote. Our kids were in public/ grade school in Central Massachusetts THIRTY YEARS ago. Unionized, not PTA until my wife started one. Text books were 10
  22. "Its sad we can no longer go to a beautiful country like Mexico any more an feel safe on vacation." So true. Very sad. (Second time this year I've agreed with Dr.P - I'm going to put myself in time out now. ) Does Mexico still have a war on drugs, or is it the other way around? Maybe they should legalize all drugs. Then the cartels' business will dry up.
  23. HEY !! COOL - THE NEW FORUM UPDATE PUTS A LITTLE NOTE IN THERE WHEN SOMEONE IS REVIVING A ZOMBIE THREAD '3 years later' ( Seems some of the old members posting above have been gone longer!) Janko, Nope - I don't know. It's probably within a gnats whisker of some of the specs noted above. Bozeman sends their guitars out with action on the hi side, because it's easier to lower than raise. Just get yours to where you like it. A new guitar should always get a set-up.
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