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  1. (Think you've misread something...) It did came with the lil' blue caps like everyone elses but I soldered in some Orange Drops myself (0.22 100v's). I was only wondering which value the Orange Drops are that are to be found in the 50's 'cause that's the only thing imo that makes the sound difference between a 50's and a 60's. Anybody ?
  2. LP 60s Tribute Just put on the B7, amber switch tip, chrome trussrod cover and jackplate and Orange Drops Like her a lot...
  3. Thanks for that comparison. Already dropped in some 0.22 Orange Drops in my 60s but still don't know which value the ones in the 50s have (they seem to be bigger then the ones I have so I guess they're 400v or so...???) Can you check the value on those in your 50s ? Thanks
  4. Thanks for all the advices. Gonna check if the guy of the secondhanded one can drop the price a bit and gonna check the store if they still deliver the 60s one. Be back on it if a choice is made (Ma, do I dislike these guitar related choices) P.S.: out of the neck issue: Wich of the 2 has tonewise the most growl (dirty sound)? Maybe that'll pull te trigger
  5. So soundwise they're about the same. It's just the neck issue?
  6. Hi, I have the possibility to finally buy a Les Paul 50s or 60s Tribute but can't play 'm and need to decide wich one. Both are Ebony so no color issue 'cause I'm gonna go for a kinda Neil Young's Old Black kinda thing Can you guys (or girls) give me some advice. Here's how it is: The 50s is secondhanded and needs to be send to me (only 50$ cheaper then the 60's). Pro is it has Orange drops and it's more rare (?) but haven't played a 50's neck yet (don 't have small hands so shouldn't be a prob) The 60s is new and on order and will be send too. Pro is it has a slim 60s neck (
  7. Thanks Dub-T-123 for that tuner info (like the stock ones but want to change 'm I like the look of the others better) Also thanks for your compliments :) P.S.: nice black one you've got there Tman
  8. Thanks...indeed a nice and subtile personalization :-
  9. Hi, not my first SG (used to have an Epi G400) but now the real thing and very pleased with her Gibson SG Standard (2005 Nashville) Maybe I'm gonna put a maestro on it in a near future... Greets P.S.: what tuners do you people normally buy to replace those green ones ? (thanks...)
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