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  1. yes! go with the vht special 6 - all the features you want and then some!
  2. I just put the Weber Alnico Sig. Series 8S in my VJR combo and what a difference! Great speaker for the price and sound.
  3. I was over Gill's the other night and took my epi and pod to play thru his greenback that he had in his custom built 18watt. The sound was fantastic! The tube warmness of the vlj with my pod was 7th heaven. What a great setup! I use to have a Tech21 Power Engine but it sounded too sterile. Sold it on fleabay only to find I had the sound all along with the valve junior. Then we did it thru his 18watter and it even made that amp sound better of course with alot more headroom. This amp loves my pod and I can get some really convincing sounds. What's neat about the pod is you put it in bypass mode and now you have your original epi. Modelers are gonna wake up soon and join us all only to find what a great amp this is! As always the people here that help us - thanks=d>
  4. I love it that they added reverb! Now what's easier for me, to add a reverb circuit or a tone mod? I'm not that good as alot of these guys here and I respect that but I can do the Tone mod and be happy. So this will be a welcomed pleasure. But I been eyeing that Valve Senior Combo and Gill is right for a couple of extra bucks you can have the best of everything! Can't wait to hear from you guys that try it and give us a review. It's a new beginning.
  5. just do what Twang said! I am also doing it the same way and it sounds great! be safe !
  6. i'm using a Jensen P10R 16ohm into the 8ohm jack and a vintage 30 8ohm into the 4ohm jack and it sounds GREAT!!!! these 2 speakers together do it for me. there's something special about that Jensen. best combination i tried. loud and clean of course a few mods. i also have a modded boss driver done by TZONE that fattens it up even more. http://users.isp.com/phrygian68/ztone/template/pedalmod.htm For $29.00 ship him your pedal he does what you want and sends it back for that price. not to shabby if your on a budget. hey ask gil he heard it and loved it! I'm also using a Zoom G2 which this amp. some nice reverbs and effects. so right now i'm very happy. got my sound now if i can only learn to play. but that's what it's all about!
  7. gil's right - but what I do is run a 16ohm Jensen P10R into the 8ohm jack and a Vin30 8ohm into the 4ohm jack using one head and it sounds great! Seperate the cabs and I'm in tone heaven. That Jensen really brings my amp alive! Which by the way Gil modded. I still say it's the best one he did but last night he gave me a scare with his newest one he's working on for a buddy of his. That's because he's using a 6v6 - 6L6 - EL34- Kt88's. A freakin BUFFET amp! But I'm happy=d>
  8. just wanted to say thanks to everyone for helping and let's hope for some great info to be shared by everyone!:)
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