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  1. brad1

    My Explorer

    Nice Noodling! Sounds great! Lots of sustain there.
  2. I wonder if his last words were..."Let's Go" ? or perhaps "Bye Bye Love". I saw the Cars in 1979. They were great!!!
  3. He was found in his apartment unresponsive. He was 75. He wrote some good songs! RIP Ric
  4. Hail the Heroes who put there lives on the line for our freedom. Who is braver than these souls? Battle of Britain was full of them. 🇬🇧
  5. He's the best I've ever heard. Happy Birthday Neil!
  6. I watched that video. Sounded pretty good.
  7. Did you borrow RCT's camera? 🙂
  8. I've never heard anyone who added new hardware to a guitar refer to it as "Rebuilt". You didn't really rebuild it. You just modified it. Upgraded it. Nice looking guitar btw!
  9. I saw Rush about 10 years ago and am so glad I did. They were just incredible. Wish I had seen them years before. As a drummer, Neil was one of my major influences. His drumming just blew my mind. And I learned so much from listening to those albums. In my opinion, he is the best drummer, ever. And Alex and Geddy are just incredible also. Happy Birthday Alex. Your music will live with me forever.
  10. Nope. They had a number of top 40 hits. "So Into You" peaked at #7. Champaign Jam was another.
  11. Do you have the volume knob turned all the way down on the neck pickup? if so, you shouldn't.
  12. You get his Woodstock pants too!
  13. brad1


    I do it with just about every song from the first 3 albums by R.E.M. Love old R.E.M. but never really could understand much of what Mike was singing. Of course I never let that get in the way of me liking their music.
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