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  1. brad1


    Beautiful! Bet it sounds great too. Congratulations!
  2. brad1


    Thanks jdgm! Thank you very much ME!
  3. brad1


    Oh yeah! And every shade of brown you could think of. Roar is a good descriptive word for this thing My book too. Never thought I would own one. But saw it on Reverb for $699. They are about twice that new.
  4. Good things come in threes! And it looks like you found 3 really good things Duane! Congratulations! And it is good to see you around. Don't be such a stranger.
  5. brad1


    Thanks. I have a set up where I run my amp heads into a splitter, with one line going to a 1x12 Bugera cab (Turbosound speaker which sounds great) and the other to a Hughes and Kettner 1x10 with a Celestion Ten 30. Both cabs have quite different sounds and I like switching between both with different guitars and amps.
  6. brad1


    I just downloaded the Owner's Manual. I have never seen such a detailed and user friendly owner's manual in my life; especially for an amp. It pretty much tells you the name of every part on the amp and how to replace it. Lots of helpful and interesting stuff to read in there. And replacing tubes in a Mesa looks to be super easy too. No wonder these things have such a good reputation.
  7. brad1


    Got a Mesa Mini-Rectifier 25. Mint condition. And I really like it! 2 Channels, all tube, FX Loop, and a few litte switches that do different stuff. Each channel can be set to either 25 or 10 watts individually. Found this one on Reverb for less than half the price of a new one. So of course, I had to get it. Came with a bag/case too. Sounds superb!
  8. Good for you! I thought it looked pretty good to me. 😄
  9. All the things he mentioned are merely cosmetic. So that is no proof. Stamp looks ok to me also. As far as the serial number, 9 numbers is not way too many numbers. Both my 2014 SG and 2016 LP Studio have 9 digits as well. I'm not saying it's legit. But the reasons you guys are giving are erroneous. At least in my view. 🙂
  10. You two should start your own thread. That way you can continue your juvenile arguments without all of us having to sit through it.
  11. Well it's obvious, you have a guitar from the future. I'm just a smart ***. I have no idea sorry.
  12. Wish I had the money. They would be mine!!!!!!😃
  13. Poor analogy. He's not wanting to do something others are doing. He is showing her that everybody else is doing what he's doing. i think it's very smart. 🙂
  14. Me too. That's was probably the underlying reason I started this thread. Just to make sure I wasn't the only one. 🙂 BTW, I didn't count my 2 bass amps. So I actually have 15 guitars and 11 amps. The amps are gaining.
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