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  1. I needed a new case for my phone, so I went ahead and got the SG with Brazillian Lacewood. They're expensive, but they have a lifetime guarantee... and they look cool....so what the heck!
  2. brad1

    Custom LP

    Congratulations on the Custom of your dreams. She looks mighty nice! Sometimes humans can be so great!
  3. That does seem excessive. What material are they made of? And how often do you play?
  4. https://www.allparts.com/collections/pickup-covers Try All Parts
  5. brad1

    DIY 2.0

    Very nice! You should have made it longer.
  6. Find the guitar that fits you...not the music. 😄
  7. How can that be a model number, when there are no numbers!!!
  8. This happens so often around here that I have come to be quite amused whenever I see such a thread. 9 out of 10 times they come back...soon. I can think of 2 current members here right now that have threatened to leave and never return; only to be back at the forum in a couple of weeks.
  9. Righteous pics Rabs! London has some cool looking buildings!
  10. brad1


    Couldn't resist huh? Very nice LP! Congratulations!!
  11. That was pretty cool. Thanks for posting!
  12. brad1

    Help me ID my SG?

    I don't know what model that is. But I can tell it has had extensive modifications. You must have bought it used huh? You can see screw holes where the original bridge, control knobs and pickups were. The tuners as well. So what you have is quite different from what it originally was. That's about all I can tell you.
  13. How did you go about obtaining him.? If you don't mind me asking. pets are great!
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