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  1. None Every guitar I have sold I am glad I sold. And that is maybe 4 guitars, and a bass and a banjo.
  2. Back off a little on the tone knob. I like the 57 classic plus in my LP a lot. Every ear hears things differently. That's why there are a variety of pickups
  3. Proof that there are too many people with too much time on their hands. Obviously a kid or very immature adult. Why someone would get enjoyment from ruining a persons presentation is hard for me to understand.
  4. You would have been much better off to leave it at room temperature Like Pinch said, You just preserved whatever was on there
  5. There are definite benefits for sure!
  6. Had my second Zoom meeting yesteday with 8 other people. It's kinda fun to see other people's homes in the background. And of course it is very informal. One thing I find interesting is how nervous I get right before and sometime during the meeting. I never get nervous at meetings I attend in person. But for some reason, when I am getting ready to join a Zoom meeting in a few minutes I begin sweating a lot and feel quite anxious. I find it very odd. Perhaps this will get better. I can hope. On another topic... Watched the Movie "1917" last night. WOW! what a great movie. If you haven't seen it, you should. The cinematography is about the best I have ever seen. And the direction and visual effects are great as well. Acting is terrific too!
  7. I've been in my music room a lot lately. And for some reason I just now noticed this. I will never look at that seat the same again!
  8. And that just proves labomba was correct in his assessment
  9. I just read an article stating he's recovered from the virus.
  10. So sorry to hear that man! You're in my prayers. But at least you all got out of there OK, and the guitars lived! Hope you get everything back to normal as quick as possible.
  11. As a teacher I am having a lot of time off. But starting in a couple of weeks I will be teaching via "distance learning". This means I will basically be teaching over the computer to my students. This is going to be very challenging, but I am looking forward to it. I will be having to learn a lot of new skills. And I like that. I am also having a lot of time to play music. And I really love that! I usually do not make enough time to play/practice. But I am making myself play a lot now and I am enjoying it. I love to write songs, and I am now getting some time to do just that. Precious time indeed! I am definitely trying to do things I was never able to do usually during this time.
  12. It would be easier for me to list the Gibson's I have played. I've played an LP, SG, ES335, and Flying V. I would like to try an Explorer and a Firebird.
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