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  1. There used to be a used record store here in Sacramento called Esoteric Records. I went there often. Thanks for info.
  2. I saw your listing the other day. Your name is ksdaddy there too isn't it? I saw the name and thought, "that can't be a coincidence." And I saw no reason at all for them saying you were infringing on any copyrights. I even thought about buying it. But I just don't need anymore guitars right now. I thought you did a very good job of letting all buyers know that it was not a Gibson or any type of a copy at all. Reverb does suck if they did that to you.
  3. Ibanez Speed Demon Wah, Fender FTN-1 Tuner, Keeley 4-knob Compresor, JRockett Audio Designs Archer, Radial Tonebone Hot British, Carl Martin PlexiTone, Bogner Ecstasy, MXR EQ, Donner Noise Killer, (FX Loop) --> Donner Jet Convolution, JHS Chorus, Digi Tech Digidelay, TC Electroinc Hall of Fame 2 reverb 1 Spot CS-12 Isolated Power I love them all!!!
  4. That is one of many theories. Nobody knows for sure who built them, or if, or how, they were compensated. Heck, they still are not sure WHY they were even built. Only theories.
  5. Yes, and Yes. I wouldn't use my acoustic set. I would use my Roland/Electric set. And record directly into my Tascam DP 24-SD.
  6. I do. Drums are my first instrument. Guitar second. Could be me.
  7. Last forever, works great!
  8. I think you'll like it. I've had mine for 4-5 years and have really liked it. It has a small screen, but I can see if just fine. And I'm 62 and wear glasses. My first Tascam was the old 4 track, analog, cassette machine. I even had fun with that when I first got one 15 years ago. It will be everything you need to make some fine recordings. When you have the final product, you can make it into a WAVE file and it is easy to put that onto a CD if you so wish. It will also be ready to upload to SoundCloud or other music host sites. I made my first CD of songs a few years ago and was impressed with the ease of doing it. Congratulations! Hope it brings you hours of enjoyment.
  9. I have read the same thing. I’ve seen a long list of his sessions and I remember those 2 were on the list.
  10. One of my all time favorite singers. Saw Nazareth in 1977 open for Ted Nugent. It was my first concert. They were great. RIP Dan.
  11. I have a Vintage Modified Squier Telecaster that I really love. I had to change the neck because the truss rod had bottomed out and couldn’t be adjusted any more. I found one that fit perfectly and is probably better than the original. It has 3 pickups. Mini Humbucker in neck position, and single coils in middle and bridge. It has reversed controls on front. The pickups sound really good. Other than the neck, and a new nut, I’ve done nothing else to it. I own 14 electric guitars. Many cost 3-4 times more than the tele. But that is one of my favorite guitars to play. I also own a MM Fender Telecaster. I like the squier better. And play it much more. So see how it sounds. You may like it just the way it is. But whatever you do, a Squier can be a great guitar, if you happen to find the right one. I know. Good luck in your endeavor. 😃
  12. Can’t help Never heard of them. But what is a calalodge??
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