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  1. He didn't say it was $700. Read again.
  2. Do you have any local music stores that might take it on consignment? You can also put something on Reverb that doesn't ship. You can stipulate "Local pick up only".
  3. Could you turn the pu around? Have the poles on the other side?
  4. Listening to By-Tor and the Snow Dog right now. Man this stuff is great. I learned more about drumming from him than anyone else. He was instrumental in me becoming the drummer I am today. What an impact he had on me!!!!!!! Thanks Neil. RIP master drummer.
  5. His lyrics were fantastic. He will always be my biggest idol. He was THE best!
  6. Somebody needed to say it. I'm just saying...
  7. You gotta be nice to yourself sometimes. Looks great!!! Congrats.
  8. Is moisture somehow getting into the case?
  9. How devastating Rob. Over the years I have come to know your property quite well and have always been envious of your wonderful place. To hear what is happening truly makes me empathetic to your plight. You are in my prayers good man. Hope this turns out OK.
  10. Its about 18 years old, so chances are it looks different from when it came out of the factory. See if you can find someone else with the same guitar. Maybe they might know. And maybe there's looks different from yours.
  11. brad1


    Way cool! Congrats!!!
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