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  1. First of all, no Ringo did not popularize that grip. Many used it before him. Second, the traditional grip is an antiquated grip style that really has no purpose today. It was developed by marching band drummers because of the way the drum hung around their neck at an angle. The way a drummer holds his drum stick is no indicator of their talent. My two favorite drummers are Neal Peart and J. Bonham. Both Match Grip guys. I've been a drummer for 46 years. Sorry to have to disagree with you, but when I read your post I had to set you straight. So don't automatically assume that just because someone has their "palm up" that they necessarily are a good drummer. I actually do the opposite. 😁
  2. Most all white guitars do.
  3. I'm prayin for ya Rob. Hope for a fast recovery. That tractor needs you. 🙂
  4. I like to buy my own power supply and cables. If you bought the Gator Pedal Tote board you would have enough left over to buy a good power supply and cables. I have 2 of them I put side by side. Well built and not too expensive https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/gator-gpt-pedal-tote-pedal-board-with-carry-bag/546156000001000?rNtt=Pedal tote&index=4
  5. He stated quite a long time ago that he was going to stop visiting the site. It was intentional. He was kind of bored here, I think. Ive known Rob for some time. Sorry to see him leave.
  6. Only YOU can know if it fits the bill. Try different gauges. See which one you like. That's pretty much how everyone does it. Nobody can tell you what string is best for you. Only your very own fingers.
  7. Dot's are Great!!! Play mine all the time.
  8. I like to golf. Didn't start playing until I was in my late 30's. But for a few years I was really into it. Never did the handicap thing. My lowest score is an 87 on 18 holes. I havn't played in a few years however because I've just been too busy. Golf takes time. My favorite sport to play is basketball. Play regularly and watch for most of my life.
  9. The fret with the two markers would be the 12th fret. Count down from there and you will get 19.
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