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  1. We could do without your tripe as well.
  2. Ghost man you really are incredibly immature. And seem to have no sense of decency. Please leave this forum and do not return. Bill! Say it ain't so! DON'T LEAVE US!!!!!!
  3. That's nice of you Mr. Evans. HAPPY BIRTHDAY USA!!!! God Bless America!
  4. All 15 of my guitars are on stands To be safe, I cover all my stands with cloth for my nitro guitars. Even if the manufacturer says it's "safe". I just don't take a chance.
  5. I agree with much you say Sparky. However, I have changed pickups and discovered a significant benefit in tone. I have found something similar with a new bridge. Fingers are a big part. But other things are too for me.
  6. Not the majority of the time. He only used the monkey guitar on the first 2 or 3 albums. He didn't like the P 90s at all.
  7. That's what he used originally. He switched to humbuckers a very long time ago. I saw a show where he talked about it.
  9. Congratulations! I hope to own one some day.
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