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  1. Very nice Sparky! I’m definitely jealous. How does it sound? What pickups does it have!
  2. You know Hippydude, you have not once commented on HOW THE GUITAR SOUNDS! Your cheaper guitars have better set ups. But do they sound as good as the Gibson? Why so many members around here worry about such unimportant things is truly a mystery to me. If it sounds great, then who cares? You can send it back, and yeah, you might get one that has the bridge in a better position for you, but it might also sound like crap! I believe there are many guitar players that care more about the way their guitar looks, then the way it sounds. I'm not one of them.
  3. Seems to me the only reason they would have stopped making it is because nobody was buying it. What other reason could it be?
  4. I disagree. I’ve seen Metallica and I’ve seen Megadeth. I thought the show Megadeth put on was much better. And I’ll take Dave’s vocals over James’ vocals any day. And every drummer that MD has had has been better than Lars.
  5. I would have left them alone. What you did does not look good IMO. sorry
  6. If guitars were motorcycles I’d need a lot more room to store them.
  7. And I have a Red G & L as well!
  8. For me, the color of my guitar is way down the list of priorities. I don't really care that much about what color my guitar is. Red is my least favorite color. Always has been. But I have 3 red guitars. When I am playing a guitar, the color of it just doesn't matter to me. If a guitar plays and sound great, that is all I care about.
  9. Congratulations! Very nice. In 1976 I was 14, and KISS was my favorite band. I still listen to their early albums.
  10. I’ve seen that many times over the years and I laugh every time I see it. It’s been awhile. Thanks for posting it. 😄
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