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  1. I find your descriptions a bit confusing. If you have the strings to tight to fret or bend, then they are certainly not in tune. How did you loosen the tailpiece? It's a good bet that your problem lies with the nut. How is it cut? Is it the factory installed nut? If so, replace it. And then make sure the slots are cut to the approprate depth. And lastly, if you never noticed the buzz before you plugged headphones into the line 6, then I suggest you don't plug the headphones into the line 6 when playing...problem solved.
  2. Wow! You can really play the guitar well. That was fantastic!
  3. I like everything about that guitar; the color, the flame, the tuners, the logo, the toggle, the matching headstock, the binding, the coil tap, and I bet the wonderful sound it produces. Congratulations on a beauty!
  4. Depends. On how long you've been playing. What type of music you want to play. What scale you like. What amp you use. How big your hands are. And many other personal preferences that each guitar player has. I am guessing you are new to the guitar. My suggestion would be not to just judge by the way it looks, but the way it feels and sounds. If possible, go try out a bunch of different models. And don't spend a lot of money on your first guitar. You may later find you don't really want or like to play the guitar. And you don't want to be staring at a $1000 guitar on a stand tha
  5. I saw Randy Rhoads with Ozzy Osbourne on March 17, 1982 in Atlanta, Ga. It was his 2nd to the last concert he ever played. He played in Knoxville, TN on March 18th. He died on March 19th in a stupid airplane accident. I went to the concert with 3 buddies. I was in college. I was probably 20 feet away from Randy most of the night, in the front row, being pushed against the stage. It was incredible. He was incrediblel. I have never seen, and probably will never see a guitar player like him. The whole show was great. Two days later, I was in a car with 3 o
  6. Unlike what somebody above said, you don't have to measure anything. Some people get out the gauges and measure everything. And some people, like me, measure nothing, with a ruler or gauge. I use my ears mostly, and my eyes. I have been playing for a number of years and own multiple guitars. I used to measure stuff. But soon found no need. Every guitar, pickup, nut, etc. is different. I have found that using my God-given senses works very well. There are numerous videos on youtube that you can watch that will show you how to do a basic setup. Look at a few. Than venture ou
  7. Yes! Great music is great music, no matter who is the one producing it. Or what their attitude is. I agree
  8. Ted never claimed to be a singer anyway. He's a guitar player. And 10 times the guitar player that Derek or Meatball are. I like Nugent's guitar playing. Always have. I think his time with Derek was also the best music he made. Derek's vocals are terrific! But I also like some stuff that Ted sang. Nobody else could have sang Wang Dang Sweet Poontang but Ted. I also like his screams all over Double Live Gonzo. I saw him in 1977 on his Cat Scratch Fever Tour. It was my very first concert. And to this day I can remember most of it vividly with very fond memories. I
  9. Ratt. They opened for Iron Maiden. Worse band I’ve ever seen. The lead singer sounded like $hit on every song.
  10. In 1975 a friend from school played a KISS Album for me. I was 13. I thought it was the greatest thing I’d ever heard. For the next 4 or 5 years they were my favorite band. I still enjoy listening to their earlier albums. It was that band that started my whole journey into the world of rock and roll music.
  11. Probably my favorite one also. I always liked that picture on the inside album sleeve of the band where Mick is yawning. And Keith is looking cool with those hip pants and boots.
  12. Never owned it. Never listened to it. Only heard what was on the radio. Didn’t like it.
  13. Because that’s what he likes to do. You must be new around here.
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