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  1. I would have left them alone. What you did does not look good IMO. sorry
  2. If guitars were motorcycles I’d need a lot more room to store them.
  3. And I have a Red G & L as well!
  4. For me, the color of my guitar is way down the list of priorities. I don't really care that much about what color my guitar is. Red is my least favorite color. Always has been. But I have 3 red guitars. When I am playing a guitar, the color of it just doesn't matter to me. If a guitar plays and sound great, that is all I care about.
  5. Congratulations! Very nice. In 1976 I was 14, and KISS was my favorite band. I still listen to their early albums.
  6. I’ve seen that many times over the years and I laugh every time I see it. It’s been awhile. Thanks for posting it. 😄
  7. I was referring to the online process of setting up shipping. Not mailing the box.
  8. I’ve sold and bought a lot of stuff on Reverb. Never had any problems. I won’t use eBay anymore. I find the shipping process much easier on Reverb.
  9. I think Rob Hanford is one of the greatest hard rock singers of all time. And I like his high screaming! A lot!😃
  10. Nice song from what I believe is their best album; Sad Wings of Destiny.
  11. brad1


    Laser sharks? where do I get one?😃
  12. The moron is the one who thinks that guitar is in mint condition.
  13. Buy some vanilla scented Glade. Spray it in the case every so often.
  14. Caffeine does not cause vertigo.
  15. There is nothing funny about vertigo at all. vertigo can lead to major depression and suicide. I know.
  16. Sounds like you have what I have; Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). I've had it for 10 years or so. It is often hereditary. My Mom had it. My brother had it. Dad did not. I've had it the worse in the family. Sometimes I have to lay down because there is simply nothing else I can do. I know how you feel. The first time I got it I was at a concert. And I got really scared because I didn't understand what was happening to me. My Mom had never spoken about all the times she had delt with it, while my brother and I were at school as kids. The excercises do nothing
  17. Can you post a pic? That sure would help.
  18. Never said they were; nor implied it.
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