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  1. I’ve owned just about every wah ever made, including all the ones mentioned here. 
    The Ibanez Weeping Demon beats them all IMO.  It does several things that these other ones do not. 
    I particularly do not like mini wahs.  They don’t feel right under my foot.  That’s why mines sitting in the bottom of a closet.  

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  2. 3 hours ago, sparquelito said:

    Cash it out, go down to your local bookie, and make two bets;

    One for $500 for the Miami Hurricanes to win next Saturday in their season opener. 

    A second bet for $2,500 for Alabama to win that same game instead. 

    At the least, between the two bets, you'll break even if Alabama wins.
    In the best case, if Miami wins, you'll pocket several thousand dollars. 

    Then on Monday, go back to the bank and deposit the $3,000, and then notify the school district HR that there was some sort of mistake. 

    Everybody wins this way. 



    brilliant!! [biggrin]

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  3. Today I was paid via direct deposit; directly into my bank account.  And when I looked at the amount, I was very surprised. It was a lot more than it should have been.

    About 3k  more than it was my last pay check. 

    Now I did get a raise from last year, but not even close to that much. I am a school teacher, and I get paid on a scale. We get small increments in salary increases, as do most public employees. 

    So I ask you guys...what should I do?

    What if this is the one and only time? Or what if this happens every month for the next year?
    I am feeling a little guilty. And I am worried if they find out about it down the road, that I may have to pay it back.

    Anybody have any knowledge or experience with something like this? Any lawyers

    What would you guys do???:-k[confused]

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  4. On 8/9/2021 at 10:26 AM, rct said:

    Yeah, Confused Boy and Sad Boy have been following me around.  I can understand their sadness and confusion.  Anybody that comes here to be a snarky, hip, social media **** is easily saddened and confused by the real deal like me.  I like giving them a reason to exist and an outlet for their weak, teenage vitriol.  They obviously don't have the bawls to just tell the entire room in broad daylight that they don't like me.

    Enjoy yourself Confused Boy and Sad Boy.  Maybe someday you'll be like me.  lolz


    **** above is twit, spelled with an 'a' instead of an 'i'.  Used like the Limes use it.  You know.

    They have been following me around on every post I make too. 
    Some people like to wield their power on Internet forums.  And those emojis give them that. 
    What sad and confused people 😄

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  5. 42 minutes ago, Dub-T-123 said:

    I experienced this problem with a Telecaster pickguard. I permanently fixed it by covering the back of the pickguard with a thin copper sheet which I connected to ground. There are actually copper shielding sheets already cut out in the shape of a telecaster pickguard etc last time I checked (which was admittedly a very long time ago)


    You could do the same thing with copper shielding tape available at stewmac


    dont be confused by the fact that I mentioned “shielding”. I’m not talking about shielding from noise interference. I mean by connecting the conductor to the pickguard and grounding it you give the static charge a way to constantly dissipate rather than build up and pop

    I had the same problem with a 96 Strat. I was getting static noise badly. 
    You don’t need copper shielding.  I used regular aluminum foil. I just coated the entire backside of the pickguard with it.  Glued it on. 
    Problem solved. And has been for 12 years.  

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