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  1. Pinch is correct. It came with the tuners it has. Not strange at all. RCT is also correct.
  2. If a member makes a negative comment regarding one of your threads, you often have to reply by making a negative comment about one of their previous threads. You do it all the time why?
  3. Did you see the part in the show where Gene admits this? He flat out says that one of his biggest problems was/is his ego! I've never heard him say that before, ever . But he said it. He knows how others perceive him in that way. And he said he regrets it. Besides, the list of musicians who have an ego, well let's just say that list would go on for miles! And their biggest accomplishment is selling multiple platinum albums. They did that themselves with the music they created.
  4. Just because you have the right to do something, it doesn’t mean you should do it. YOU appear to be the one on the high horse. Not Sparky.
  5. I find this quite strange. It’s kind of like a mechanic that can build a new engine, but has trouble doing an oil change. If I can’t trust someone to do a simple setup, than I am not going to trust them to do anything on my guitar. No matter how good their past work has been or my relationship with that person.
  6. I will be watching. Thanks for letting us know Pepper!
  7. I think ebony would make it more desirable. And for that reason alone I would use ebony.
  8. carotid endarterectomy? What the hell is that? On second thought, never mind. Just make sure to carry a pen knife with you if we ever hangout.
  9. I am so freakin' Happy! I had jury duty this week. I have not had to go anywhere so far. And I just found out my duty time is over! No having to drive anywhere for me!!!! Had to tell somebody! So, so happy, I didn't have to do anymore than call or check the website. I have a very hard time sitting around waiting. I have had some very un-fun experiences in the past with jury duty. How about you guys? Any interesting past experiences with jury time?
  10. Very nice! Looks well built and perfect for doing a set up. 😄
  11. Hey Rabs, do you take any kind of pain reliever? That could help a great deal. And make sure you are aware of your back thoughout the day while working. I know you do. But it is so easy, when you are feeling well, to forget about this. Keeping your back staight, trying not to bend over for too long, gripping things not too tightly are all things I often forget about when I am feeling fine. And then I pay for it later. Perhaps find some excercises for your back as well; something you can do before and after you work in the shop. Best of luck.
  12. Who are these Beatles you speak of? Are they a new group?
  13. brad1


    No, I actually meant I can play the guitar as good as Gene Kelly. I suck!
  14. Flo and Ebbie?
  15. The bridge should not have to be that high to clear the board. That is crazy. You are not being too picky.
  16. Congratulations man! That is so great to hear. Yes I remember all your trials and troubles you had last time getting your business running. Looking forward to seeing your new build. This time it sounds much more positive. Best of luck my friend!😁
  17. You never amaze me, so cease. (to JVI, not Bill)
  18. What do you think they do with all of them eventually? Just throw them away I guess. Or do some take them home and hang them up on the wall, and tell others, "look what I got"?
  19. I woundn't try polishing, or doing anything with your fingernail on the logo. That may just damage it. Just don't polish it. It doesn't need it. Wipe it with a cloth when it gets dusty. And leave it be.
  20. What is bad? The seats? Or the Orioles? or both?
  21. You know, dating guitars would cost a lot less than dating women! (rim shot)
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