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  1. I love it!!!! That croc looks cool! Thanks for posting it.😃
  2. Very cool! I don't know how it sounds, but I really like the artwork, and that strap on it looks cool too!
  3. I like that drum there. 🙂
  4. brad1


    Nobody can dance like Elaine!
  5. brad1


    I am the Gene Kelly of guitar playing.
  6. Quick, send me how to get in contact with this guy. I can not pass this deal up. I've been wanting a pick for a long time, and this seems to be the right opportunity to acquire one.
  7. I got a good deal on some new drum sticks today. The older I get, and the more disposable income I have (thank you God), I find myself buying things because they seem like "too good a deal to p*** up". I have done this, in some ways, throughout my life. I still have a set of drum mics I bought about 10 years ago sitting in a closet somewhere. Have not used them yet. But I had to get them because they were on sale. I just got a great deal on these drum sticks. I got 4 pairs of sticks for the price of 3. And I these are my favorite sticks, for electronic drums. Thing is, I will probably never even get to use more than one or 2 pairs at the most. You see, eletronic drums have a rubber pad that goes around the outer metal ring on the drum head. I have never broken a stick, or even slightly damaged a stick using an electronic drum set. But...it could happen. Acoustic sets are totally different and have metal rings that are exposed to drum sticks and can do great damage with one wrong hit; cracking or breaking the beater. But of course, I use a different size stick for my acoustic set. Anybody else have the TGADTPU syndrome? Or perhaps you really did find a good deal and want to share it! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THEY WON'T LET YOU SPELL THE WORD PASS!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Maybe. I just went over to Sweetwater and saw that you can pre-order them right now for $899 ! Very Interesting. Probably going to have to try one out.
  9. I have probably purchased 25-30 distortion pedals over the years. I have sold almost as many. I have tried the DS-1, Tube Screamer, OCD, .....you name it. I finally found what I think are the two best distortion/gain pedals out there. The first one is the Radial Tonebone Hot British pedal. There are a few different kinds of these Radials. I prefer the Hot British. You can shape the tone to sound however you want it. I love this pedal. Next is the Carl Martin Plexi Tone. It is also a great pedal. It sound similar to the Radial, but it does not have as many switches, and ways to shape your tone and get the type of distortion you want. It does however have a boost button, which the Tonebone does not have. Both pedals are not cheap. I don't think they still make the Tonebone. I could be wrong. But you can find used ones for $100-$200. I think th Carl Martins are still for sale. They are about $225 brand new. I highly recommend either one of these pedals.
  10. Are they dog ear or soap bar? dog ear screw into the body
  11. For 300 more they will set the intonation 😃
  12. Maybe they will add some more, and different animal noises. I think it will be interesting also.
  13. It’s my favorite PF album too. So I will probably have to get it. I thought they did a pretty good job of mixing on the original.
  14. I would have liked to see that!🙂 You don’t see too many bands doing that number anymore.
  15. An analogy is the comparison of two things. Look it up in the dictionary "Oh wise one!". You were comparing Nero's actions to Sgt. Pepper's. And I pointed out to you that it was a poor analogy. And it certainly was. You then tried to change the argument. You seem to just enjoy putting other members down when you disagree with them. You get on others about hurling insults, but you do it yourself all the time. And you think you are being so witty about it. So I had to call you out on your poor analogy. And now you have shown that YOU don't even know what an analogy is. I've been a public school teacher for over 30 years. I know some stuff. Some. I don't know everything. Like some think they do...
  16. Nero was the leader of the Roman Empire. Sg. wasn’t leading anybody. (No offense) Your analogy is poor.
  17. Here in the US you can: 1. Enlist in the armed forces 2. Smoke cigarettes 3. Vote 4. Drive a car 5. Donate blood and become an organ donor 6. Work full time 7. Play the lottery 8. Consent to having sexual relations with someone who is 18 or older 9. Establish checking/savings account 10. Apply for loans 11. Apply for credit cards 12. Get piercings/tattoos without parents consent 13. Change your birth name 14. File a lawsuit 15. Get married 16. Buy spray paint, fireworks and adult videos 17. Purchase a house or vehicle 18. Move out of your parents' home .... At 18. But I guess it makes sense to draw the line at expressing an opinion about the environment in a public forum. When did I say she didn’t have the right to voice her opinion?? I didn’t. Stop putting words in my mouth. She can say whatever she wants. And BTW, just because you’re old enough to do something legally, it doesn’t mean you should do it.
  18. Still has some time before her brain is even fully developed
  19. When did this kid become the voice of science? She's a KID! And I think...probably the anti-christ..
  20. It looks like a bad version of an LP. And there’s no way that I’m spending that kind of money on that ugly thing. You could get a lot of nice Gibsons for way less I’ll stick with the amps.
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