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    Thanks, Pesh, Gibson Artist, NHTom, Cap, Sparky, RCT, Rabs, merciful-evans, and Marky Forest. I do appreciate you taking a look and commenting on my new LP.
  2. Love the song and the album. I have listened to that album hundreds of times, but have never notice anything different about that song. Now I am going to have to get it out and have another listen!
  3. brad1


    Thanks Rob. I think it just might be. :) Thanks a lot CB! :)
  4. brad1


    It's a Gibson 2016 T LP Studio Faded Fireburst. And I love it! Got it as a "Scratch and Dent" sale at AMS at $200 off the regular price. And I can't find a scratch or dent anywhere. This may be one of the cheapest Gibson LPs out there, but it sure doesn't play like it. To me, it sounds as good as the higher end ones. I really like the Burstbucker Pro pups. They sound great to my ears. I am in heaven my friends. This guitar truly sings! And I can't believe how little I paid for it!
  5. Wow! That was amazing. That dude could play. And he makes it look so effortless. I'm very fortunate to have seen him play live before his tragic death. Thanks for posting that Dennis!
  6. Very Nice ! :) I thought it sounded excellent for a first pass. Great lyrics too! And I agree with you all the way. Maybe we can get some politicians to pass some laws regarding when they can start putting up displays in stores. :blink:
  7. Brand new Firebird is out. Neck-thru and all.... http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/EDF1TSNH
  8. Well that sure beats being bored don't it? I love spending a day doing stuff like that. Nice job on the mods.
  9. Why would they put the serial number on the back of the headstock if they put it in the f hole??? You couldn't feel the finish? So it feels like unfinished wood? Really?
  10. brad1

    show your sg

    1997 Epi SG Jr., Gibson 2014 SGJ, Epi 2006 G400
  11. From L to R - 1997 Epi SG Junior, 2014 Gibson SGJ14, 2006 Epi G400
  12. I agree. I've had my 2007 Epi Dot since 2008 and have never even thought about switching out the pups. Sounds great to me!
  13. It didn't cost very much new, and it's not worth much used. It's a guitar for a beginner and does not have anything "special" about it. I don't believe there would be any investment value for this particular guitar. Sorry :(
  14. Usually the "plus" means a nicer finish. My LP Standard Plus is the one in my avatar. It has a flame maple finish on it. But I am not sure about the Tribute model.
  15. I have a '97 Indonesian Epi SG Jr. that is just about as perfect as it could get.
  16. I've learned a lot from this guy. His name is Robert Renman, he's Swedish, currently living in Canada. He has all kinds of stuff (rock, blues, jazz etc.) at all levels. And it's free. http://www.dolphinstreet.com/
  17. My first and only Bass. Got it last year. It's a 2005 Ibanez Trans-Blue Burst GSR200 FM. Got it on Ebay for $45 with case. Plays great.
  18. I believe you will find that most Epi models have the 60's neck. :)
  19. According to the Epi website you have Alnico Classic Pro ups in there. From what I can see, the Probucker pups have Alnico II magnets in them. So perhaps the Alnico Classic Pro just has a different type of magnet. Maybe they have an Alnco V in there, or something else. Just a guess. :)
  20. Well, like as previously answered, most people just get a set of allen wrenches. That's what I have. I have no idea what the sizes actually are for any of my guitars. But I do know I have an allen wrench that will fit every truss rod. I suggest you go out and buy a set. They are very useful for a lot of things. And they are relatively cheap.
  21. Well, without you providing any info at all, that is impossible. What, are we mind readers? What is the serial number. What is the model? And it sure would help to post some pics of it (headstock shot include). Otherwise, nobody can help you.
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