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  1. Rembrandt Pu$$yhorse and Electriclarryland and quite a few others by Butthole Surfers :)
  2. It is one of my favorite days of the year! Happy Easter Aster!
  3. What kind of "Epi LP" are we talking about here? You need to be more specific. $380 is way too much for an 89.
  4. This may be true. But I know for the past 11 years I have taken all the strings off all my guiatars, and often for more than a half hour. I have never had tuning issues, nor have I ever had relief affected at all. I take all 6 off. I may put some Gerlitz Guitar Honey on the Rosewood, and let it sit for awhile. I also polish the guitar if needed, and do any other stuff that may need to be done. Never had any problem. :)
  5. Apparently whoever did the repair did not do it properly. If they had, it never would have broken again in the same spot. In fact, in should have been stronger than before the break. "Project guitars" usually start out as very cheap or free acquisitions. This way you can afford to spend money to fix it up. Doesn't make sense to start out with something you overpaid for, and then pay even more. By the time you are done, you will be spending a lot of cash. And then you will still have a low-budget bolt-on Epi. Or an expensive project guitar. You would be much better off spending money on a new or used set neck LP in my opinion. Or start out with a much cheaper guitar for your project so you have some money to spend. But if money is no object, then hey, go for it. I'm just not sure you are going to be that happy with the end result. But then................................................................................................I could be wrong! :)
  6. IMO I think you paid too much for the guitar. To spend more money on a new neck would not be something I would even consider. But it's your guitar. Also, you say there was a headstock/neck repair. However you do not say there is anything wrong with the neck. Is there something wrong with it? I ask because I have a Dot that has had a headstock repair (and I paid $200 for it) and it is one of the best guitars I own. The neck is fine.
  7. I lived in Hawaii from the age of 8-12. My Dad was stationed at Hickam Air Force Base. I was at the beach a lot. And I have wonderful memories. I lived about 200 ft. from Pearl Harbor. You could see the Arizona Memorial from my front yard. There IS something special about living next to the sea.
  8. Why would they put the serial number on the back of the headstock if they put it in the f hole??? You couldn't feel the finish? So it feels like unfinished wood? Really?
  9. brad1

    show your sg

    1997 Epi SG Jr., Gibson 2014 SGJ, Epi 2006 G400
  10. From L to R - 1997 Epi SG Junior, 2014 Gibson SGJ14, 2006 Epi G400
  11. I agree. I've had my 2007 Epi Dot since 2008 and have never even thought about switching out the pups. Sounds great to me!
  12. It didn't cost very much new, and it's not worth much used. It's a guitar for a beginner and does not have anything "special" about it. I don't believe there would be any investment value for this particular guitar. Sorry :(
  13. Usually the "plus" means a nicer finish. My LP Standard Plus is the one in my avatar. It has a flame maple finish on it. But I am not sure about the Tribute model.
  14. I have a '97 Indonesian Epi SG Jr. that is just about as perfect as it could get.
  15. I've learned a lot from this guy. His name is Robert Renman, he's Swedish, currently living in Canada. He has all kinds of stuff (rock, blues, jazz etc.) at all levels. And it's free. http://www.dolphinstreet.com/
  16. My first and only Bass. Got it last year. It's a 2005 Ibanez Trans-Blue Burst GSR200 FM. Got it on Ebay for $45 with case. Plays great.
  17. I believe you will find that most Epi models have the 60's neck. :)
  18. According to the Epi website you have Alnico Classic Pro ups in there. From what I can see, the Probucker pups have Alnico II magnets in them. So perhaps the Alnico Classic Pro just has a different type of magnet. Maybe they have an Alnco V in there, or something else. Just a guess. :)
  19. Well, like as previously answered, most people just get a set of allen wrenches. That's what I have. I have no idea what the sizes actually are for any of my guitars. But I do know I have an allen wrench that will fit every truss rod. I suggest you go out and buy a set. They are very useful for a lot of things. And they are relatively cheap.
  20. Well, without you providing any info at all, that is impossible. What, are we mind readers? What is the serial number. What is the model? And it sure would help to post some pics of it (headstock shot include). Otherwise, nobody can help you.
  21. Check out this Sheri, signed by the Man himself. http://sacramento.craigslist.org/msg/2583803220.html
  22. I would guess that it's a Les Paul 100.
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