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  1. OK..... glad it was warranty work,but I highly doubt he needed to replace the tube socket......that was my point. We've seen sooo many of these amps with the fuse holder problem give the symptoms you were describing,but as Twang said anything is possible. And for the record, any tech worth his salt would include(or at least show you) any parts he replaced IMHO.
  2. Just trying to help....glad you caught it before you powered up. Yeah we've all made those tired mistakes......sometimes it's just better to walk away and start fresh!
  3. Ahhhmm........Twang Caps in series = half the value! "Caution: If the capacitors are different, the voltage will divide itself such that smaller capacitors hog more of the voltage! This is because they all get the same charging current, and voltage is inversely proportional to capacitance. Worse yet, if one capacitor is slightly leaky, it will gradually transfer its voltage to the others, possibly exceeding their voltage rating in turn. And if one of them punches through its dielectric barrier, it can then damage others in a cascading fashion. This is why series capacitors are generall
  4. Bad switch contacts is my guess! The stock switch is a POS!
  5. +1 It's the favor jobs that bite you in the *** every time!..........and never work for family!
  6. Actually none of Leo's amps were true PTP.....they were eyelet board construction for the record. True PTP has no turret,eyelet or tag boards at all.
  7. That Les Paul with the trapese tail is viewed by most as the biggest abortion Gibson ever produced! Impossible to play and intonate and the design was so bad Les Paul himself didn't want his name on it! Yes they are collectable old guitars but any real player will tell you they suck compared to any stop tail guitar.
  8. That explains it.....factory setup and strings! NICE lookin' tele!
  9. You can get rid of most of the sympathetic vibrations behind the bridge by simply weaving a pipe cleaner between the strings as a damper.
  10. The simple answer to your question is NO! If we are talking about the resale of asian guitars.
  11. I like the Blueshawks they are fun little guitars with the longer scale and some versatile tones with the varitone switch. I bought mine for $500 and for that it was a great guitar. That being said, when they jumped in value I sold mine for almost $800 a couple years ago and IMHO for an extra $275 the Firebird is the way to go.
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