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  1. Dang!! JC, Yours came out better than mine did!!!! Great Job!!!
  2. 8 Those of you who have been on here for a while have seen them all, I really need to take new pictures!!
  3. Glad to see you got her Ron, the wait must have been murder!!
  4. Then copy/paste the img code in the forum message field.
  5. Glad to see you are on the road to full recovery Bluesstringer!!!Don't push yourself too hard!!!:-
  6. High and dry here guys,but other areas of the state have not fared nearly so well. Cedar Rapids is or has been largely evacuated,Downtown Des Moines is flooding,altho they claim it is a controlled on purpose flood. 4 boyscouts were killed,and 48(?) injured by a tornado wed evening when one hit a scout camp without warning...about 80 miles west of here. Locally many flooded basements,people throwing away nice funiture because it got wet and there is danger of contaminent from flood water...I've seen several almost new treadmills on the curb as well. Me I had a bit of water in the basement,but nothing stored there for it to hurt.And a hailstone broke a window. We've had near record rainfall for the month,and its only the 13th day of June.... I've been running the ac to keep the humidity off my guitars.. Safe and sound at least til the next storm!!Luckily my place is on higher ground!!!! Thanks for asking guys!!!!(brad)Really nice to know someone thought of us here in Iowa. Hope oldpriest is doing ok,he was a bit nearer to the action as it were!!! Dana
  7. Jerrymac used to have one...hey jerrymac, still have a pic?
  8. I'll sometimes sacrifice a virgin.......BEER!!!
  9. It looks like one of the short lived E series from a while back. how about posting a pic of the entire guitar?
  10. I bought mine off the bay a few years back,for $125...it was in sorry shape at the time,the action at the 12th fret was at least 1/8"probably closer to 1/4" through time, patience and new parts purchases,I've turned an old beat up unplayable beast into a fine playing and sounding,but still beat up sweetheart. I think the only thing still stock is the wood and frets.GFS vintage 59 pickups,replaced the old mini pots with new alphas,still had to ream out the holes lol,the switch and jack were already upgraded.Black bridge,tail and tuners,not sure who made them but they are either gotah or good copies.Orange drop caps.To me,this thing is as good as either of the Gibson LPs I've previously owned. If I could weild a paint gun as well as you,I might have refinished her,but to me the battle scars sort of add something!
  11. Thanks Spud,I thought as much LOL. Still the $300 I have invested in my old Sammy seems very well spent!!
  12. Would have been"Hey RotcanX" But Mantic already used that today. Since this is a different topic,I decided not to just post on Mantic's thread. I have seen several times where you have stated that the old early 90s Samick made Les Pauls were very good. In your opinion,would one with upgraded hardware, pickups,and wiring come anywhere near Elitist territory? My 92 is so nice what with the upgrades and fret level/dress...somewhat nicer than any of my newer Epiphones,so I just wanted your opinion...not that I really expect it to be. It's very comfortable and worn in to boot. I even found a 2nd hand Gibson USA case for $70...fun fun! Just wondering. Daneman
  13. And look at that floating neck heel...bad photoshop BAD!!!Sit photoshop sit!!
  14. That's going to depend on who does it..I'm about 250 miles from you...I'd do it cheap.Your best bet is to try to find a good tech in your area.Ask around.Heck ask the guys on here.You might even be able to find a skilled forum member who lives nearby.KC is a big place.
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