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  1. Yep, I had an LP custom from '04 to '07. It was a MIK and was better than most "Gibons" I pulled from the wall at the local GC at that time.
  2. Yeah, I'll chime in here. I've been playing my ES339 Pro since right after Christmas every week but two. It still has the stock ACP's in it. So far everything is fine for me and what I use this guitar for, (worship music with mostly cleans and a slight crunch every so often). If I were to upgrade my PUPs I'd look at the Seth Lovers first before I did anything. Beyond that I'd only change something in my Signal path. But as I said, this guitar is just fine the way it is. /.02cents
  3. Great Book. Also check out frets.com Here is the BUZZ Diagnosis page: http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/Luthier/Technique/Setup/BuzzDiagnosis/buzzintro.html
  4. Nice Guitar there. I love my VSB model. I too recently put a bone nut on and restrung with .11's. (nut was cut correctly for them) Yeah I use my coil-tap alot. I've found they sound real good at a higher volume (performance level) than at bedroom level. Enjoy your new guitar.
  5. Look up EuroTubes: I've purchased from him before and he answers his email, so ask him anything. http://www.eurotubes.com/
  6. On my Pro, I've had few problems, well issues not really problems. My first issue was just like yours. Mine had no relief at all. I put 11's on it and still had to adjust the truss rod a little bit. I was able to lower the bridge a little bit to bring the action down. My other problem is from the bridge. That stupid retaining wire that runs across the bridge to keep the saddles in place would hum at certain frequencies and it drove me nuts. I was, still am, thinking about a new bridge, one with out that wire. For a quick fix I put a few dabs of elmers glue in between the saddles on the side where the wire is, to hold it more secure, seems to work for now. The biggest issue for me was, I don't know, intonation? But only at the first position, mostly that damn G String. When making a D chord, for example, its all out of wack. I first thought I was giving it kung-fu grip but nope. I would fret that note, as softly as I could (an "A") and watch it go to Sh!t even though the intonation on that G String is perfect (open, fretted 12th, and 12th harmonic). So I talked to my tech and he suggested the slots may not be cut right. So long story short, I put mine in the shop on Friday to get a new nut fitted. I'm going with a bone nut and my tech will cut new grooves for the 11's. I pretty much use D'addario Nickel 11's on this and 10's on my other guitars. He'll also check the fret level and adjust anything there as well. So yeah... Good luck with yours D
  7. Fret Buzz: one answer // a proper setup. Probably need the truss rod tweaked just a smidge to get rid of it.
  8. Yep welcome to the forum. I'd say $300 and $400 respectively. Anything more than that you'll get people wanting to haggle you down. I'd expect it if I inflated my asking price but I usually don't. I usually sell stuff via Craig's List and I put a fair price with terms like Price is FIRM, Cash only, No Trades. Fair price meaning I'll find what something is going for in my area, some folks though think their stuff is worth more or equal to what they paid for it. NOPE! Big mistake. These are Asian made "off-brand" guitars, meaning it ain't no Gibson USA. The hard fact is they don't retain their value unlike most USA made instruments. Good Luck.
  9. Yeah, they look really good. I like the Custom LP.
  10. Practice... Time in the seat with your guitar is the ONLY way you'll get there. This ain't Guitar Hero kid and 10 hours later you shred, nope. If you want it bad enough you'll make it happen (as with most anything in life I guess). Keep practicing, keep playing, never stop.
  11. Congrats.. nice looking Guitar, bet it sounds awesome.
  12. She's a Purdy-Burdy. :P Sorry coudn't resist.
  13. Thanks Bill I hope so. Still getting used to this thing, so far so good I really like it, its very comfortable and easy to play.
  14. Added some pics...sorry the light is low here, cloudy and stormy this week. Oh-well.
  15. Guitar Honey: http://www.gerlitzusa.com/prd_honey.html Its a fret board conditioner. Two spritz on a rag wipe on/wipe off grasshopper. Use every other string change or so.. maybe 3 times a year at most.
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