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  1. I have one and didnt really think it needed any upgrades .Its all plekked and the tuners work fine .
  2. I have one of these in TV yellow .I love it and find it fault free and a perfect instrument at least for me .My telecaster is redundant.i much prefer the shorter scale .The neck and frets are perfect and the pickups bright but with depth .I tend to run it with the tone knobs turned down a bit .I play it through a Laney .Best 500 notes I ever spent.My first Gibson .
  3. The new P90 pickups on the latest 2014 Melody maker are very Fendery but with more clout .I have one and a Strat and a Tele .Not sure Gibson are selling them yet .They have alnico slugs instead of the usual P90 screw poles .I should imagine that would solve your problem . Martin
  4. Thanks .I'll check one out .my local store has some coming into stock.
  5. hi Seriously contemplating getting a Midtown but havnt played one yet .Could anyone tell me what the weight of them are roughly ?.they seem a superb uSA built guitar .I will have to sell a Fender Japan Telecaster thinline which is pretty light weight thanks Martin
  6. Pretty sure its was the D'addario strings fitted to all my SX 's and Richwoods .My fingers turned black on all three .One maple and two rosewood .It went the minute I changed to my regular Rotosounds .They didnt turn black on my Squier CV strat with a Rosewood board either .The Squier strings were decent quality ,I have only just changed them after lasting months .
  7. We do have some good electric guitars made in the UK .Gordon Smith makes some very good G and F style guitars .The Gordan Smith GS-1 series LP junior are very tempting and also available to your spec .they have an excellent reputation , and also Jaden Rose Guitars make some pointy types .Adam Black do cheap imports and one thats part made and assembled in the UK .Fret King have some UK made Trev Wilkingson guitars .There are Probably more . In the UK most guitars from the US are priced matched roughly pound sterling to dollar so 300 USD =300 UKP re the Nighthawk ,I am veering towards Amber ,not Black.
  8. I already ordered a Trans black .Wonder how long I will have to wait for it to arrive in UK .Great news about the Seymour Duncan slanted pickup .It does seem ironic that a guitar manufacturer should negotiate with an outside supplier for a replacement for its product .It sorta of surrendering before the mast .Its the correct way to go .If it came equipped with SD's I probably couldnt afford it in the first place but I can upgrade later .Bad Gas for this one .I might go for the Allparts neck mini ,it seems highly rated .
  9. I just ordered a black one from my local dealer .No idea when I will actually get one though.
  10. Yup .... the Pelham Blue Dot will have to wait .the Nighthawk truly rocks
  11. Looks like I may have to add this to my list .I assume they are out early next year .They look great and I think Transblack has the edge .I assume they will be available in the UK .Only D247 store is advertising them at present .
  12. Any one grabbed a Pelham Blue Dot yet? .Getting GAS badly again and it would be a good match for my LPB Baja .
  13. Bone was used by early luthiers because Tuscs were so difficult to catch and the meat was a bit chewy .
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