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  1. Trying a different amp, like a Fender Reverb, may not be a bad idea. Take the guitar into a store and ask if you can try out different amps to see if you can get the tone you want. If you can, then you are faced with a decision... Go early before the metal riff heads show up. Edited to add - the acoustical properties of where you are playing may also be affecting your tone.
  2. Sheratons and Dots are semi-hollow bodies, which means they have a block of wood between the two wings under the pickups to help provide more sustain and minimize feedback. A Sheraton is essentially a Dot with a bound fingerboard as well as more inlay on the fingerboard, as well as a nicer headstock. A Casino is a thinline hollow body. It is much thinner than a full size hollow body like a Howard Roberts, ES-175, or an Emperor. All of the above have different characteristics and can have different electrics. You can study the online pages, such as at http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/navigation/epiphone-guitars-basses-accessories-semi-hollow-body-electric-guitars?N=100001+306242+200990 but you should play them if you can before buying.
  3. Send it back and get one of these: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Epiphone-Limited-Edition-Riviera-Custom-P93-Electric-Guitar?sku=516284 Has a Bigsby already and three pickups. No tinkering necessary.
  4. I hope I am not hijacking this thread but I am interested in perhaps something different. I usually play with at night so I have headphones plugged into the amps output jack. I am interested in (occasionally) recording and what I would like to have is a unit that I can plug into the output jack and then plug headphones into it so I can hear myself, pressing record when I want to. Not terribly interested in a modeling unit although if the POD units fit the bill then that is what I would use. Any ideas? Thanks!
  5. Hi Narco. A number of forum members have this and have posted about it. The improved search engine may actually bring up some of the threads. I know Charlie Brown has one and has posted about his impressions, how it works and how it is different from other guitars. The P-93 Riviera is a semi-hollow body with three single coil P-90 pickups, not humbuckers, while the Casino is a thin hollow body with two P-90 single coil pickups. So the pickups are basically the same.
  6. Sober? What's that? I am interested in hearing the results after a few days time.
  7. Dot's have set necks so you can't just swap a broken neck out for a new one. Pictures will help considerably in evaluating how it might be repaired.
  8. It is a Line 6 overdrive pedal for $30 http://www.musiciansfriend.com/stupid I have to admit I am leery of pedals ever since I had to have a wah and now I find I never use it.
  9. I thought about a Super Champ when I got my Vox and chose the Vox because it had a head phone jack. My wife goes to bed early, I practice late, so headphones are de rigeur. Otherwise I think I would have gone for the Fender. Congratulations and enjoy!
  10. Well shucks, I don't know if posting a picture of my old classical guitar would qualify. It is my only acoustic at the moment
  11. I don't own it (how could I?) but here is guitar porn that might be nice to own: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Gibson-J250-Monarch-20th-Anniversary-Acoustic-Guitar?sku=589718
  12. Follow this link and you will find an Epiphone Revolution Casino for a mere $2600 or a 1965 Elitist Casino for $1500. I don't know what import duties would be into the UK. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/navigation/epiphone-guitars-basses-accessories-semi-hollow-body-electric-guitars?N=100001+306242+200990 Edited to add - Casino's are the only semi-hollowbody elitists still made.
  13. I pointed out to someone at GC that some of the lamps in the high end acoustic room room were making some of the instruments very warm - the necks were hot to the touch. He was conscientious enough to take me at my word and start adjusting them. They were pointed at some pricey acoustics.
  14. The guitar I have owned the longest is a classical guitar I bought in Spain in 1974 in some little shop in Madrid. It was a middle to low end guitar, doesn't have the greatest action, lovely tone. I've pretty much stopped playing it as I hated having to tune it every five minutes (nylon strings really stretch!).
  15. I have the Vox ADVT30. I invariably play late at night, so I end up using headphones most of the time. I don't care much for the metal tones although sometimes they fit the mood. I spend more time using the Vox and Fender mods although I don't often use the presets, preferring my own settings. It sounds like you may either need to use headphones or use the loudness pot on the back of the Vox models.
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