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  1. Funny you should mention this. I've been going through the same "string quest" thing with my bird, I use .012's but here's what I've tried so far. These are just my opinions of course. I do a lot of a lot of twangy country blues/rockabilly type flattop picking so YMMV. But here goes... I just put a set of the D'Addario EJ-11's on tonight, so far they seem alright but I know with the D'Addarios you have to get over the inital 24 hours of extreme brightness before you can say for sure . I am missing the volume of the bronze phosphor strings though. IMHO the hummingbird is lacking a bit in the volume department. The bronze phosphor strings seem to help there, as they seem (at least to me) to be louder than the 80/20's. I had been using the Martin SPs for a while, and while I liked the deep boomy growl of the SPs lower strings, I found them to be a bit dark and muddy overall on the hummingbird. I tried a set of Gibson Masterbuilts, and they were OK, but to me they sounded an awful lot like the EJ-16's. That and the fact that they were so hard to find made me a little less enthused about them. I've tried the Elixers in the past, and didn't like them much (sounded a bit dead to me), but figured I'd give them another go on the hummingbird. I put a set on, and I broke the G the next day right at the tuner just like on my Yamaha and there's no burrs on either tuner shaft . So off they came. I usually end up going back to the old standby D'Addario EJ-16's, which are pretty good but lack the wound string growl of a good 80/20 string. Like I said I like the sound of the EJ-11's but they are quieter than the EJ-16's. Does any one make a set of strings that has the deep twangy growl of an 80/20 set, and the volume of a bronze phosphor set ? Oh yeah, and they have to last a long time... and be cheap... and readily available... and not break... and... yeah nevermind, I know it's probably too much to ask. Sorry for rambling so long. - Jay
  2. Hey guys, mine showed up last night. I was too busy playing to post. Mine is set up pretty damn nice, just for grins I measured off the 12th and it was set up a hair below 5/64 on the high E and a hair below 7/64 on the low E (just about perfect). I just tuned it and it was very playable out of the box. Mine says it's Indonesian made (?) I thought they had shifted mostly everything to China at this point. Besides having the cheapest, most horrible playing strings that I've ever tried on it, this thing is amazing. I'm going to put a set of masterbuilt strings in a few days, after everything settles in, but I'm having too much fun playing now to think about it. I've already noticed a change in the tone after only about 3 or 4 hours playing time, and everything is starting to loosen up nicely. The finish on mine is pretty flawless. BTW what is that black greasy crap on these strings ? Man, for the first hour of playing my fingers turned totally black, might be some radioactive isotope they coat them in to keep them from rusting during shipping. :) - J
  3. Yeah, it was lucky I happened into a free guitar from work. Truth be told it's really not as glamourous as it sounds. I used to get these "reward points" as a bonus for killing myself at work. You redeem these points at a company website, usually it's just a bunch of "Sharper Image" type crap ( pots and pans, blenders, swiss army knives and such ). Every once in a while though something good shows up there. They haven't given out the points in a long time so I've been saving them and waiting 3 years for something good to show up and it finally did ! - Jay
  4. Heh heh ! Yeah, you did notice that I mentioned God. I always like to have a little extra help when dealing with "Big Brown". - Jay
  5. Thanks guys ! Yeah, as much as I hated to buy sight unseen I couldn't pass up the price (as in free !! ). It was a reward from work, as they don't give out cash any more. It may be here tomorrow or Monday, I am psyched. Godspeed Brown Truck ! - Jay
  6. ... Hummingbird that is. My hummingbird should be here in a few days. I bought it sight unseen, played a newer dove and liked it, so I was hoping they were pretty similar. From most accounts I've read they are pretty similar tone wise. I liked the neck and the mellow tone of the dove, is the hummer neck similar ? Hopefully UPS comes through for me. The waiting is the hardest part... - Jay
  7. Well my hack advise FWIW :P . I seriously doubt the OP will be able to do any serious damage with a hair dryer externally. If you've ever seen someone try to remove a neck joint with a steamer you'd probably agree, those things are in there. As far as hanging 10 lbs., think about it, the strings pull about 100-150 lbs of pressure on the neck so 10 lbs. would pretty much do nothing. My only suggestion to the OP would be buy yourself a Xmas present, get a Plek job, tell the guy what you want, you may be able to get close to the action you want. Then again there are no guarantees. Just my $.02. - Jay
  8. Back in the 70's when I was in high school and my for first 2 yrs. in college' date=' I worked in the local music shop. Mostly doing setups, minor repairs and generally helping out. I work now mostly for barter... beer, tips and the occasional pieces of gear. I end up doing most of the basic work for all my friends, family, and guys I've played with over the years. Truth be told, I never went to school for anything resembling guitar repair, and yes (as some have said) [b']I may truly be a hack[/b] , but people seem to be happy with the results (and price) and they keep coming back. So what can I say. - Jay
  9. Call it what you want, it's all about getting results. Sometimes you have to make acceptable compromises to get the desired result. Case in point where I shimmed a nut - A friend of mine got an old Kay (a speed demon was the model name, I think). He picked it up for $100 as a beater. Buzzed like crazy around the 12th, totally fretted out from the 15th up. Had a Hagstrom bridge with stripped adjusters. I told him I'd try to help him out. The guy wasn't about to spend $200 for a new bridge and another $200 for a refret, he just wanted it to play half descent. No truss rod adjustment either. Since most the fret wear was on the first 5 frets, and the 12th up were all virgin frets, I was able to level the upper frets to the worst ones, and dress some fallaway on the last few frets. Played pretty descent, but still buzzed around the 12th. Remember the bridge was not adjustable at this point (stripped and frozen adjusters). The nut was cut decently, (and not buzzing on the open strings) a small shim of the nut brought the action at the 1st fret up to about 1/64th (factory specs on Epiphones, BTW), and bought me about another 64th at the 12th fret. It was enough to reduce the buzzing to acceptable levels. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, the guy was thrilled that it played decently, and it didn't cost him a dime extra. Hack is such an ugly word, I prefer to think of it as "Kamikazie Lutherie" LOL :). - Jay
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