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  1. thats just silly.. to me it plays as good and seems to be as nice as some of the MIM stuff really i like the neck im thinking about trading necks with my squire tele ( no skunk stripe ) but really its nice its fun and sounds fantastic for $80 lol
  2. so i scored a Squire '51 on c-list about a month ago or so.. payed $80 for it.. ( all pics taken with my blackberry curve 8900 )
  3. where in the HELL is Stan he is a huge fan boy of the green burst's
  4. gotta love a white custom!!!! ( i know i do.. lol )
  5. i dont care that is SEX! very nice guitar
  6. im 100% sure that it does not look close nuff to real to even give $5 for...
  7. i payed $89 for mine then put a 1/4lb'er pick up in it that reads 17.4k very hot pick up but i love it... here is a pic of it m,ie has a nice chip in it but i dont give a rats a$$ lol
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